Proper Lighting Does The Trick!

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Before you turn the power on in your new home, consider the kind of light fixtures you will have. There are numerous choices, and you can let your personality shine by choosing something that not only serves a purpose of lighting the home but looks amazing as well. Many customers enjoy shopping online because of the quality customer service and not feeling like they have to rush to make a decision. From chandeliers to bathroom lighting, you will find a little bit of everything in one place.

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Table lamps are a popular idea for smaller rooms or rooms where you don’t spend  lot of time. They can be placed on a corner table and serve as a decoration as well as something that functions to let light into the room. Floor lamps are similar to these in that they can be placed in a corner where they are inconspicuous but still have a beautiful appearance. Wall sconces are ideal in homes that have larger hallways. These lights can be placed on the walls in the hallway at regular intervals. They can also be placed in children’s rooms to help ease the fear of the dark. Learn more about lighting fixtures and the company selling them by reading customer reviews.

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It does pay to know a little about properly installing lighting fixture at home to make it work to your advantage. It is also good to know that there are numerous resources you can tap online in order to brush up on your knowledge. Lights, apart from doing their job to illuminate every space that need to be lit at home, also functions as great home decor that adds a pop of color or beautifies any space it occupies. They also double as perfect eye candies for kiddos like me, especially if you have lights with cartoons around your home.

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how to prevent nail infections in children

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There are just one too many things for mum to worry about now that I am starting big school this year. Aside from preparing my school stuff, my uniforms + my new shoes before the school year finally opens, am sure she has added a few dozen more items on her worry list. + I am guessing she has also added stuff like whether I would fair well in school, or if I will make new friends or actually learn in class.
I am also certain that one of the things mum worries about is my health, especially that the school year opens almost the same time rainy season starts in our country and there are just way too many ailments + diseases that comes during the rainy weather.
Apart from flu, colds and cough, one of the nasty sickness rainy weather brings is fungal infection of the nail.  commonly known medically as onychomycosis, fungal nail infection is considered as one of the most common nail disease. It may also affect fingernails, but it is the toenails that are most commonly infected. 
Why Children Get Nail Fungal Infection
The most common cause of fungal infection of the toenails is moisture in the feet. Since children are more prone to having their shoes and feet wet during the rainy school days, it is no wonder why a number of children suffer with this ailment during this season.
Another factor that may cause a fungus to thrive in fingernails and toenails are when there are cracks in them where the fungus can enter. This is most common when children bite their nails.
The common symptoms of nail fungal infection is red + swollen fingernails + toenails. There might also be a presence of pus or tenderness in the infected area. The infection can also cause for the nail to thicken + change in color.

Easy Ways To Prevent Nail Infections

Fortunately, there are also easy way to prevent nail infections in children, + adult, too. Here are a few of those:
  1. Ensure your children’s feet are clean all the time by washing them daily.
  2. After every wash, make sure to dry out their feet completely, especially those groves between their toes.
  3. Make it a habit to wear fresh clean socks and shoes all the time. Cotton socks are also most advisable.
  4. When children tend to have wet feet, use a kid-friendly sulfur powder to keep the moisture at bay.
  5. When their shoes soak, make sure to air them out and dry them out completely before letting your little ones use them again.
  6. When infection occurs, you may try home remedies, like vinegar or baking soda solution and soak your tot’s feet. But to be on the safe side, it is best not to self-medicate and consult your doctor before trying out any remedies.
  7. There are also many safe nail fungus treatments available in the market today that you can try. Just make sure to check with pediatrician, especially if your children have known skin allergies.
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Health Tips to Pass on to your Children

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one of my favorite healthy activities is playtime! 

Many people believe that children are the future. They represent the next generation, include the next batch of world leaders and are the ones who will continue to make the world go round long after we are gone.Therefore, it is our duty to pass down to them the advice and wisdom we have learned, as well as the skills and practices we strongly believe could benefit their lives and maybe even their children’s lives after that. It is also important to pass on health tips to ensure they live a long, healthy life; health is wealth after all and a lot of people often forget that nowadays.

Give Blood

When you give, you receive and giving blood is no exception. Often, people have a misconception that it’s only the one on the receiving end that benefits from blood donations. In fact, donating blood has its benefits for the donor too. It can help people who are trying to lose weight, since donating a pint of blood burns a good 650 calories plus, regular donation also lowers a person’s chances of getting afflicted with heart-related diseases. For women, donating cord blood or the blood still in a baby’s umbilical cord after birth, is exceptionally beneficial. Cord blood is rich in stem cells similar to those found in bone marrow, which can be used for patients with cancer or blood-related illnesses. Pregnant women can ask for their cord blood to be stored publicly for the use of others or privately, if ever the need arises. Either way, joining the cord blood registry could save a life. Whether that is the life of an unknown person from the other side of the country, your neighbor, your child’s or your own, each is equally important.

Eating Breakfast

Doctors and other health specialists have always encouraged people not to skip meals, especially breakfast. Breakfast gets your day off to a good start and gives you a much needed energy source to start the day. It jump-starts your metabolism, helps you wake up and focus your mind and can even helping you maintain or lose weight. By eating a healthy, balanced meal in the morning, you are more likely to feel satisfied which will prevent you from binge eating at lunch or snacking in between meals. Not everyone can face a big breakfast the moment they wake up so if this is you, try taking something to eat on your journey to work such as fruit or yogurt. Watch out for sugary bars and cereals, as these will give you a short-term energy boost before your sugar levels drop again mid-morning resulting in tiredness. Instead, try protein rich foods like eggs or a hearty bowl of porridge to keep you going longer.

Exercise Regularly

This cannot be stressed enough, especially nowadays, where we live such fast-paced lives. When people struggle to make time for a necessity like breakfast, it’s not a surprise that exercising regularly gets thrown out of the window too. When people think of exercise, they usually imagine big heavy weights and machines at the gym or endless running until your legs fall off. But that doesn’t have to be the case. If you enjoy the bulky gym equipment then by all means go ahead but the key is to simply keep your body moving. Instead of driving or getting a taxi to your destination, walk there. Take the stairs instead of the elevator or the escalator. 10-20 minutes after eating, take a slow walk around the block to help with digestion. Take your bike to work instead of the car. All simple changes that will soon become habit and may actually be an enjoyable part of your day. Not only will exercising give you more energy and help you lose weight but it may even lower your fare!

This article was written by freelance writer and mother of three, Kathryn Thompson. Follow her on Twitter: @katht35

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It is never really early for us tots to develop a healthier habit that we will take up to our adult years. It is also one of my mum’s goals to raise me to be not only physically fit but a healthy kid, too. I may not be donating blood anytime soon {but am sure we’ll be doing that one of these days as mum included that in her bucket list}, but a regular exercise is something we can work on now. Maybe I should join mum on the mat when she finds the time to stretch and do her yoga.

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A Beautiful Front Porch Thanks To Christmas Lights

There is going to be lots of Christmas parties and reunions this year. One of these events is most likely going to occur inside your humble abode. Because of that, not only do you need to plan the party ahead of time, you should also take care to welcome your guests properly. Since the front porch is one of the places the visitors will see first, you have to focus your attention there. Here is how to do it.

Decorating the Front Porch

The Pillar Of Beauty ~ You may not be paying attention, but your front porch contains a column. Use it to your advantage. Hang the Christmas Lights you bought from there however you wish to. It can be parallel to the ground, or in a circular manner. You can even use different colored lights to make a statement. All of these will entrance the guests when they gaze upon it.

Colorful Poinsettia ~ Poinsettia’s are a thing of beauty. They are considered indoor plants, but you can easily put one in your front porch by using an artificial model. You can buy these on the mall which are widely sold during Christmas season. Hang the Poinsettia around the doorway and decorate it with Christmas Lights to make it more noticeable.

Hello Icicle Lights ~ Aside from the twinkly lights and cascading lights that you often use, you can also go for icicle Christmas Lights. They are white in color and simulate the feeling of having snow in your front porch. This is perfect if it does not snow on your place, but it can also be a good contrast to real snow, so you can always use it even if your whole neighborhood is coated with the stuff.

Ho Ho Ho Santa ~Who better to greet the guests than Santa? If you have a model Santa in your home, take it outside and put Christmas Lights all around it.

Be the star this Christmas by decorating your front porch with Christmas Lights. The presentation and decoration in a party is as important as the food and entertainment so do not leave this out.

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These sure are nifty tips on how you can decorate your porch and transform it into one thing of beauty that is sure to serve as a great welcome to your visitors and guests. We do not have a porch, but in lieu  of it, we have this welcoming Merry Christmas decor in our front door as our way to greet those who are thoughtful enough to visit, I think that will do.

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dressing to the nines

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It might probably take a few more years before you see me dress to the nines. If I would have my way I’d rather be dressed in my favorite ensemble of a comfy tee and a shorts, with my worn-out pair of trainers, to boot!

Of course, special occasions later on in life might leave me with no other option but to put one of those uncomfortable dress shirt or that 3-piece suit, for example, on. Some of these occasions include  school graduations, my first communion, or, I don’t know, a wedding or two, perhaps. I might have to be forced to put on my Sunday best just so I won’t look under-dressed or out-of-place in a place teeming with beautifully-dressed people.

I thought weddings are always a good excuse to dress up. I was the ring-bearer to my tita‘s wedding and even when I had to wear this itchy barong for several hours, I absolutely enjoyed the experience + the thrill of walking down the aisle with my family. It was a very traditional Filipino wedding ceremony, now I wonder how Malay weddings go?

If you think about it, it probably isn’t a bad idea to dress up when the situation calls for it. A button-down long-sleeved shirt paired with a nice slacks in darker shade will probably do the trick. Add a pair of loafers {or a dark slip-ons, if I can pull it off!} + I shall be all set!

grown up stuff, tips + tricks, fashion, kids fashion

a lovely wedding dress am sure mum will love

Dressing up for girls, on the other hand, can be rather complicated. I know that apart from taking too long to choose which dress to try out first + buy, they have quite a number of things to take into consideration, like the color and style of the dresses that would best suit their complexion + their body type, or which pieces of jewelry to go with that dress, for instance. It will be quite an episode am sure. + we have not even talked about shoes!

Anyways, I think the key to dressing to the nines successfully is simply to choose the items that not only look good on you, but those that make you the most comfortable, too. Add to that just the right amount of self-confidence + you’ll be good to go!

images via Pixabay

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