kids in doodles: the toddler + the shades

Kids In Doodles

hello everyone, i hope you are all having a great monday! before anything else, i would to thank our participants from last week’s: Zzzz… Whaaat???Iris Joehanna’s WorldMiragemaLythMommy JesMai @ MaiThreeBoyz +, our newest participant, Lalah. i {meaning mum, hehe!} had loads of fun reading about your entry + i am looking forward to reading your entries for this week, too. so here goes…

shades, Kids In Doodles, kids, toddlers, playi have found another great improvised toy in mum’s closet + that is her sunglasses. when i was a bit younger, no one can make me wear one no matter what they do. i got fussy whenever you put something in my face or in my head that i will always reach for it + grab it so i can throw it away! 🙂

kids, toddlers, play, Kids In Doodles

i discovered her shades recently, in one of my late night wanderings in our bedroom when i simply refuse to go to sleep 😛 so everytime i play at night, it will never be complete without getting this from the closet + asking mum to wear, which she does most of the time, but will remove as soon as she can {her vision is not really 20/20 so she is having problems seeing clearly wearing this shade at nighttime!}. sometimes, she simply had no choice so she’ll wear it anyway, while using the computer. but she said it strains her eyes + she can’t just keep it too long.

lately, mum found the most effective way for me to wear her shades, too! we play taking turns: mum wears the shade for a bit then she will pass it on to me so i can take my turn. i guess, mum made the most of it + snapped these photos to her delight.

shades, kids, toddlers, Kids in doodles

so what do you think? do i look cool in this shades or what? 🙂

tell us your most fun + interesting kids in doodles story for this week. check out the codes here, too {but be patient, mum is still struggling with the codes + all that stuff!}

+ don’t forget to link up here, right? 🙂

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strolling at the park

family time, toddlers, play

i wish it was an actual park, but we have yet to visit a nearby park on a free afternoon + this one is actually the outdoor park of the mall we went to last week to have my hair cut. after we got tired of all the rushing people inside the mall, we went out to the uncovered mini park to walk a bit more + see the greenery there. too bad the fountain + the mini pond is being cleaned that day so i was not able to see jets of water or any  fish swimming around. maybe it will all be up + running the next time we visit.

apart from strolling, we also ate at one of mum’s favorite place. i only had a few spoonfuls of the japanese rice + mango shake she ordered since i am too busy wanting to walk around, with mum + dad chasing after me.

we also hopped from one shop after another, not really buying much but just window shopping. mum wanted to get me something for halloween but did not find any costume that she think i’d wear, so it left me with nothing to wear for thursday’s trick or treat at tita cel’s office. we also marvel at the lovely christmas decorations + trees that are on display this early.

too bad we do not have much photos taken. i guess i was such a handful that mum + dad really has no time for anything else. oh well, maybe we’d take more pictures on our next family time ;D

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kids in doodles 05: mailman jared

mailman bag, kids

trying this on for size

we were just lazily passing the time away in our room when  mum made me try her bag on (it was a moss green northface messenger or mailman bag)  to see how i’d look like wearing one. i guess she liked what she saw cause she instantly grabbed the camera + started taking these snapshots. i guess it got her all excited to see me in my school stuffs 😀

well, school is several more years down the road, i guess for now mum + i can just play pretend that i am a schoolboy or a mailman. or maybe i can convince her to buy me a bag that actually fits me! what do you think? 😀

mailman bag, kids

sharing this kids-in-doodles moment here:

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toddler talks

did you ever encountered being way too frustrated when your baby cries and you gave him milk but he cries even harder? you checked his dappy, tried to soothe him, cuddle him, only for the cries to turn into wails, and alas, a full-blown tantrum? you are on the brink of pulling your hair and still just can’t decipher what he needs? then walks in your husband and carries the baby for a while and viola, the baby is sleeping like a log?
such a familiar scenario right? been there so many times i really wished my son can simply blurt out his requests to make life easier for both of us.but no such luck! a 16-month old cannot just articulate all of a sudden right? but i’ve found a few tips to lead you successfully to that very first Tate-a-Tate with your precious little one:
  • Talk as much and as often as you can directly to your toddler.
  • Try to make some of your conversations just between you and him. 
  • If you are talking, or reading, to him and an older sibling, your toddler will not get as much repetition and explanation as he can use, and as much as he will get if he is alone with you. 
  • Look at him while you talk. 
  • Let him see your face and your gestures. 
  • Let your toddler see what you mean, by matching what you do to what you say. “Off with your shirt,” you say, taking it off over his head; “Now your shoes”, removing them.
  • Let your toddler see what you feel by matching what you say with your facial expressions. This is no age for teasing.
  • Act as your toddler’s interpreter. You will find it much easier to understand his language than strangers do and he will find it much easier to understand you and other “special” people than to understand strangers. 
  • Share enthusiasm, emotion and emphasis; whether you are talking about a flood of love for your toddler or a flock of rare birds in the sky, those are the speech qualities that will catch and hold his attention and motivate him to try and understand what you are saying.
if you’ve made teaching your toddler to talk one of your resolutions for 2011, head on to the babycentre for more info and tips on toddler talk.
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My 14 months old..

jared turned a year and two months old eve of halloween and these are just a few of his baby accomplishments, traits, idiosyncrasies and whatnots:

1.  he turns the computer off especially if mum is so engrossed in playing cafeworld and she can barely notice
2.  he shouts “dede” when he wants to drink milk, and
3.  he reaches out his hands to his drinking bottle’s direction if he wants to drink water
4.  he can now take eight to 12 steps, or more, unsupported or without grasping at things
5.  he now mumbles a lot, albeit mostly still in gibberish, but i sure can tell that he will say his few clear words in no time!
6.  he calls mum “mama” and sometimes, when he is having such a great day, he can also say “da-ddy!”
7.  he calls daddy’s car “toot”, imitating the sound the car’s horn makes
8.  he can focus on the screen for what seemed like eternity, without even blinking, heavy in concentration
9.  he downs 7oz of milk every two hours and
10. seems moody and picky when it comes to his solid food
11. he loves spaghetti and fries!
12. he definitely loves music, just about any type! (the nights spent listening to Mozart and company, prenatal, finally paid off)
13. he knows that he has to throw his ball to get it lighting again
14. he tends to be shy around strangers but will be friendly and smiling once he get the hang of it
15. seems like all he wants to do is to walk, walk and walk
16. he just had his Hepa A vaccine
17. he now weighs a whopping 13 kilograms
18. he loves books and mumbles as he holds one aloft, as if reading aloud!
19. he adores barney’s i love you song
20. and alternates that with elmo’s elmo song
21. and still loves pocoyo to bits!
22  he drinks loads of water daily, too!
23. he says “bab-ba” for bye-bye whilst waiving his hand
24. he seems to enjoy going out and travelling
25  although he sleeps most of the time as we travel by car
26. sometimes it’s way to difficult to have him to fall asleep, but the good old lullaby often does the trick

taking care of a toddlers is such a handful, it does take almost all my time. but i will never trade any moment of this, both good and bad. i simply love being a mother to jared..

i’d love to hear about your toddler’s story…

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