o is for this orange slide

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i have always thought that this slide is fascinating ever since i first saw it last year when i enrolled in swimming class + have aimed to give it a try if only mum is not too squeamish about the idea! πŸ™‚ this year though is a very different story. a few days onto my swimming class this summer, two of our coaches at the toddler class accompanied me to the top of the slide + off we went! it sure was terrifying at first + the view from the top is enough to make you lose all the courage + turn around but my coaches will have none of my protests and off we slide. mum was just nervously watching by the pool side as we go.

toddlers, summer, my favorite things, swimming, out + about, colorful things
here is a tiny version of the orange slide, which is found at the kiddie pool. during playtime i have made a number of attempts to climb it but was not really too bent on sliding. i guess i will do it when i am much older, since mum cannot slide with me on this one. i entertained myself by letting my water toys slide, instead πŸ™‚

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kids in doodles: learning with logico

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before we go on to this week’s kids in doodles, here is a round up of our participants last week:

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on to this week’s doodle πŸ™‚

early learning, learning, kids in doodles, toddlers, out + about

we were at waltermart two sundays ago to accompany my tito ken to scout for a laptop. i was busy looking at these cool car toys from one of the kiosks there when mum called me so we can check out this logico booth. turned out they sell books + other learning materials for little ones. they also have tables + chairs at the ready for anyone who’d like to give their products a try. there are also staff on standby to assist anyone with a cheerful smile.

early learning, learning, kids in doodles, toddlers, out + about

i guess i was in the mood for a little learning that afternoon so i agreed to give it a shot. kuya who assisted us showed me a picture book, i was to find the correct answer for the corresponding picture on the next page. the images are also numbered from 1 to 16. i first did the similar image exercise, where i was to find the image similar to what is shown me on the next page. it was peanuts! πŸ™‚

the next activity was to find the images that matches the pictures shown to me but this time, i must look for the backside of the photo. i had a little difficulty with some images but i was able to find all the answers correctly! you can tell that mum was so delighted. πŸ™‚

early learning, learning, kids in doodles, toddlers, out + about

the last activity was a bit difficult for my age, as i was to find the missing part in the picture mum + kuya, as well as my tito + tita jinky, all helped so that i can finish all the photos.

i must say learning is fun, but it gets tiring at some point so we had to get a quick bite at my fave fast food! i totally enjoyed it, though, + would very much like to do it again πŸ™‚

time for you to share your doodles with us. add one of theΒ badges hereΒ on your post + visit our other playmates to double the fun.

have a a wonderful week ahead + i shall wait for your entries, right? πŸ™‚

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kids in doodles: meet my new playmate

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one of the best things i love about my swimming class last summer is that i get to meet Β + play with a lot of other kids which i don’t usually do. apart from learning how to swim together, we also get to play in the kiddie pool after class {we swim in the 4 feet/5 feet pool during class} which makes my afternoon all the more fun! πŸ™‚

meet one of the friends i made in swimming class ~ ate ayen! she’s five + she wanted so much to adopt me as her brother! πŸ˜€ Β she already goes to school + also knows how to swim without the floaters, too. in fact she won a medal during the swimming class graduation day where a friendly competition participated by the students {i am not included as mum forgot to bring my swimming gears that time, plus i do not know how to swim at the time!} was also held.

kids in doodles, playtime,

check us out while we were goofing around! πŸ˜€

it has been a few weeks since our last day in swimming class + i am missing ate ayen already! i wish i’d see her soon….

your turn to share your doodles with us, do not forget to check out the other badges {+ the rules of the game, too!} here. i shall wait for your entries, then! have a great week ahead everyone! πŸ˜€

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kids in doodles: first remote control car ride


time again for kids in doodles + for this week am sharing you a video of my very first ride in one of those Β remote control cars in the mall. mum + tita cel both did not want me to ride at first telling me they are only for bigger kids, but i guess they cannot do anything about it since i went ahead + rode one, anyway! so mum had no choice but to strap me to the car seat with a seat belt + zoom I went πŸ™‚

i was enjoying the ride until i saw those bigger kids riding past me on motorcycles, i wanted so much to ride one of those! oh well, maybe when i am a bit bigger, i guess am going to have to settle for the remote control car for now!

i enjoyed the 30-minute ride anyway, steering and pretending i was driving the car, a bigger guy is actually controlling the car with a remote control in the side, but do not tell anyone, right? πŸ˜‰ i guess mum + tita enjoyed it, too, as while i was busy riding away, they were busy snapping photos + taking this video! πŸ˜€

your turn to share your doodles with us. check out the other cute badges here. do not forget to visit the other participants, too! have a swell tuesday! πŸ™‚

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kids in doodles: watching the avengers


kids in doodles, movies, toddlers, best things to do this summer

i have always been interested with the avengers movie ever since mum pointed it out in the tellie one time + when we got thor’s hammer free from the pack of my favorite hotdogs dad bought a few weeks back. i would make it a point to blurt out “avenger” whenever i see the trailer + photos that mum promised we’d watch it as soon as we had the chance. + lucky me, we just did, last sunday! πŸ™‚

after visiting expo mom, where i get to see cool stuffs + interesting toys to play with, we headed to mega mall to watch the avengers. it was a fun + enjoyable film to see! although, i was covering my ears most of the time + asked mum to cover my eyes, too, especially when the big, green monster hulk is shown, i would stay i rather enjoyed it + would recommend for other kids to see it, too. just make sure you see it with your mums, right? + ask them to cover your eyes + ears, too, when those loud + action-packed scenes are shown.

kids in doodles, movies, out + about, best things to do this summer, toddlers

my favorite avenger will have to be ironman, he is just way too cool, what with all the features he possesses! + do check out that scene where he tried to propel their ship back up in the air! + that thing he has up on his bulding’s roof top is just amazing! okay, i won’t tell anymore, the film is good + you better see it for yourself!

meanwhile, check out our cool photos with iron man. tita cecille took this right after we got our movie tickets after braving the long queue at the ticket booth. πŸ™‚

what is the latest movie you’ve seen? share that or any of your doodles stories with us, do not forget to visit other participants to make our game more fun, right? check out the rules of our game + the badges hereΒ Β πŸ™‚

thanks tita mirage for the linkie πŸ™‚

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