kids in doodles: bathtime funtime

kids in doodles, toddlers, play, bathtime

it is a monday once again + time for another kids in doodles edition. sorry mum’s posting this week’s meme late. we were out very early in the morning for some errands + some fun time down at the provincial capitol park {too bad mum was not able to bring our camera to snap some shots}. we also went on our very first playschool hunt + i kindly liked the atmosphere inside a classroom with several little children like me are learning + singing abc’s! it was absolutely the coolest!

K.I.D, kids in doodles

anyway before i went on to share my story for the week, i would just like to thank everyone who participated in last week’s kids in doodles: check out some cheeky comments at maLyth‘s entry, the techie playdate at Little Zoie’s Steps, check out the funny + fun side of her family at mommy-jheng‘s entry, see how Iris Joehanna’s day in the mall was, watch how creative little children can be at Our Home and Haven‘s post, be in awe at this picasso-ish masterpiece by D at Mirage‘s post + check MommyandMatt as they check out a very cool art exhibit.

also, notice how our linky for last week was peppered with uber cute thumbnails of your lovely posts? mum + i would like to give virtual hugs + kisses to tita Mirage for generously sharing her inlinkz with us. thank you! mwah!

now, on with this week’s kids in doodles

kids in doodles, toddlers, play, bathtime

i guess i have grown tired of my bathtub so i am moving on to experiment more exciting things in the bathroom + just a few weeks’ back, i tried hopping from my tub to our big pail. we use this big container to store water overnight just so we will be sure to have enough water supply the following day. + yes, i was having a funtime bathtime at a big pail full of overnight water. it was particularly cold..brrr..but who cares, it was also extra fun + i really had a great time 😀

kids in doodles, toddlers, play, bathtime

it was also a good thing mum allowed me to play in the water for a little while longer before scooping me up + dressing me up. i guess, it helped that she was busy preparing something in the kitchen as she watched over me play in the pail, that she lost track of time, which resulted to a longer playing time in the water for me 😉

kids in doodles, toddlers, play, bathtimeit was such a bathtime funtime + i am hoping i can repeat the act soonest. i just wish my allergy will go away so that mum will allow me to dip in the water longer after giving me a bath.

now it is your turn to share your kids in doodles stories. tell!

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donning a polo for the first time

kids style, toddlers, kids fashion,

some would say girls have all the fun when it comes to kids’ fashion + style, but i guess my mum + most mums with little boys will beg to differ. although limited, we also get to have our share of funky + stylish fun in our own little boys’ way. just check out this ensemble mum fixed {in a hurry!} for me last halloween.

kids' style, kids fashion, toddler

mum said this is my boy-next-door look, would you agree? 🙂

  • polo: hand-me-down from kuya sean
  • shirt: my summer shirt from spin {big & small co.}
  • shorts: big & small co.
  • shoes: check slip on, big & small co.

we are quite a big fan of big & small, can you tell? 🙂 my mum liked that their pieces are best to mix + match with the rest of my little wardrobe.

this is my first entry to :

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messing up mum’s purse

messing mum's purse, messy baby

one of the most fun thing to do is making a mess, won’t you agree? 🙂 i have been making regular mess here + there. it keeps my hands busy + keeps mum occupied, too! {cleaning up after my mess! :D}

messing mum's purse, messy baby, messy-go-roundone of my favorites is raiding mum’s purse and upending it scatter its contents on our bed. see here, my mum’s purple purse has all these different colored cards, some bills + lovely coins, too. i count the coins when i am inspired. mum helps me with it most times.

messing mum's purse, messy baby, messy-go-roundsometimes when i am in the mood, i try to help mum keep away what i have scattered on the floor, just like that instance shown in the photo, but often, i would really rather scatter the stuffs, i am good at it. i leave all the cleaning to mum, for now 🙂

this is my messy story of the week, care to share yours?

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my orange tiger book

orange, books, animals, kids,

one of my favorite books to read now is this one which has a big photo of a tiger in it {maybe because i have seen tigers in real life, + they are just amazing!} this was gifted to me by mum’s blogger friend, tita joy, along with the musical toy eggs, which she sent a few months ago. my word for tiger is katu + mum is saying i probably thought the tiger is just a big cat 🙂

this book tells of a story of a little cub who pretends to be a big tiger when he plays. he imitates the bigger tigers in the way they move + whenever he plays, too. he even pretends to be a grown up tiger even when he sleeps.

i guess it is really part of our little kids’ playtime, even for people + animals, to pretend to be someone else other that ourselves. it makes the play more fun + lets our imaginations grow, too! 🙂

books, kids, animals, orange

i love the color of this book, too. it is a combination of white + orange. most of the book looks much like this adorable cover.

this is my orange share for this week, what is yours? 😉

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kids in doodles: my first trick or treat

trick or treat, halloween, kids, toddlers, kids in doodles
not really what you'd call a costume...

last week, mum + I {while dad waited in the car :)} went to my first ever trick or treat. but, no, i was not wearing any costumes as i am a little squirmy to wear one + mum seem to think i was still very little for one. so, i just wore my favorite white muscle shirt + topped it with a hand-me-down polo {from my kuya sean} + paired them with my new shorts {we got this one when we went for my haircut 2 weeks’ back}. it was my boy-next-door look mum said 🙂

trick or treat, halloween, kids, toddlers, kids in doodles

when we got to the place, it was swarming with little kids in scary costumes + weird make-ups. i was scare with this particular kid wearing a scream mask. it was really scary so i was careful not to stand too close beside him. besides he was really trying to scare me by staring at me + trying to call me so i’d go near him! hah! no way 😀

the afternoon was filled with fun + laughter. plus it was also a whole new experience for me to go around tita‘s office for trick or treat. i am not much into candies since i don’t really eat most of them, so it was mum who’d get all my treats {+ get to eat them in when we got home too! :)}

Trick or treat, kids, Kids in doodles, play, halloween

there were games, + prizes, too,  for the bigger kids + a pair of clowns even arrived to entertain us, perform some magic + made some balloons. i got a balloon sword but i accidentally squashed it against the car so it popped!

Trick or treat, kids in doodles
with tita's officemates + the clowns 😛

everybody enjoyed the afternoon, i did, too. even if i was not able to participate in the games since i am still a bit smaller. snacks were also given away along with prizes for best in costume {for one girl + one boy}.

maybe, next year, i will be more interested in the treats + the parlour games + who knows mum might even convince me to wear a wizard or a russell {from up!} costume!

this is my kids in doodles story for this week, what’s yours? tell + link up with us here 🙂

K.I.D., Kids In Doodles

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