kids in doodles: my new haircut

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everyone will be quick to notice that my hair has really grown so long over a few months {i had my last haircut in may}, that some people even mistook me for a girl because of it. i guess, i cannot blame them. my hair grows so fast in a few months that we have not been to the salon 🙂

lucky for me {+ to end my discomfort of having long hair falling into my eyes}, we were able to go out for a haircut last thursday. mum + dad brought me to the place where i got my very first haircut {i also had my last haircut there}.

compared to my very first haircut {where i was very well-behaved + actually enjoyed the experience}, i was actually up on my toes the minute the barber touched my hair. i did not like the feeling of having a total stranger touched my hair, let alone spray some water in it + cut it. using the razor is probably the worst thing he’d ever done. i was clutching my mum the minute i heard the buzzing sound.

i was actually hugging my mum all the while. the barney video helped a bit to make me relax, but i guess what finally made me let my hair down are the bubbles that a lady helper made for my entertainment 🙂 you know how much i love bubbles, right?

all in all, it was a pleasant experience + i was very comfy after all the extra hair is gone. mum + dad failed to take some decent photos while my hair was being cut though as i was throwing a tantrum + mum was so occupied holding me in place while dad was busy trying to entertain me 🙂

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my other shape-sorter toy

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this is a hand-me-down toy from my tita belle, which was first handed down to my cousins, sean + shane, + probably, even, my tito ken, when he is just a toddler 🙂 tita belle told me to take care of it as she will be handing it down to her future children, too!

this toy is actually 20 years old or more, as this used to be my tita’s toy when she was just a little girl. it was gifted to her by one of her ninangs one christmas.

this toy is a shape-sorter, that mum + her siblings fondly called “shape-o”. it has shapes like a circle, square, rectangle, oval, star, cross, among other shapes. i do not recognize most of them yet, since i only enjoy scattering them on the floor or forcing a shape into an entirely different slot {i am successful as some point!:) }, but am sure mum will teach me how to play it well soon when i am ready!

this is my toy stories share for the week, care to share yours?

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the colorful world of pocoyo

pocoyo, early learning

mum + i (for lack of better things to do) recently visited pocoyo’s world (as we have been stuck at home for days on end recently) back + look what we’ve found, some interesting + fun colorful learning stuffs for children. this is all about the different numbers + colorful ways on how to learn them.

pocoyo, early learningin this picture, we need to choose which photo matches number 8 + mum said the correct answer is the one on the right since there are 8 snails on that picture

Pocoyo, early learninghere’s another one! this time pocoyo will ask you to trace the number that is written on the screen, in this case the number 3. this is a good + fun way for little children to learn about numbers + how to write them, too.

although, these a bit way too advanced for me, it did not stop me from enjoying this educational tutorial as pocoyo made sure it was a fun learning experience. maybe if i am a bit older, i will ask mum to solve these puzzles again that way i’d learn about numbers + counting much easily 😉

you can check out pocoyo world for more fun + learning exercises.

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on eating my solids

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i had quite a struggle with solid feeding for awhile. i am simply so attached to my bottle i do not want to take anything else, especially the hard, non-solid ones – they create a very unpleasant feeling in my throat whenever i take a bite. or sometimes, the alien taste is so unwelcome in my tongue i’d prefer to throw them up!

those were the days, now, mum is simply delighted i take a bite of every food she offers. i now practically eat everything that is served to me, including fish, rice, soup (which is my true love), veggies, fries + others. last saturday mum was all ears when i grabbed a bite of the chicken nugget she gave me. the grown ups had takeaways from mcdonalds for dinner, my tito + tita had burgers + fries, while mum had chicken nuggets + fries. of course, i was not able to finish one whole piece but as long as i am munching on my solids my mum is a happy mum.

i’d probably have to be weaning when i turn 2. mum read somewhere that babies who took to the bottle longer that usual are prone to cavities + tooth decay + i surely do not want that to happen to my pearly whites. but mum also thinks there will be more time to enjoy solids when i am a bit bigger, so she’s just letting me enjoy my bottle for now.besides, i so love my milk it will be hard work to totally say goodbye. well, i guess we’ll see in a few weeks 😉

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kids in doodles 01: my upside-down musical table

this is a photo of me taken early this year. mum particularly liked this photo because this is one of those very few moments that my smile is captured in pictures, + mum definitely love my smiles. plus, it also captures my fun + playful side.
i was playing here with my musical table turned upside down, like a make-shift platform. i enjoyed sitting or stepping up and down on it, much to my mum + my titas’ protest + collective sighs..what i did is remove the top part (the one with my little piano + musical playthings) first before i topple the rest of the table over, after a while it will be the table’s legs (the blue part) turn to go as i knock them over. simply fun! maybe you can try it too:)
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