top commentators for july 2012

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here’s just a short post to say a big thank you to everyone who’ve visited my little corner last month + left their beautiful comment! thank you so much for taking the time! we do enjoy reading them + keep them coming! ūüėČ

here are my top commentators for july! cheers to each one of you! ūüôā

  1. XyeXyrus XyeXyrus (3)
  2. Christine Amador Christine Amador (2)
  3. parenting and babies parenting and babies (2)
  4. postcardtrail postcardtrail (2)
  5. Rose Rose (2)
  6. aby aby (1)
  7. Amy Gramelspacher Amy Gramelspacher (1)
  8. Badet Badet (1)
  9. Chin chin Chin chin (1)

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june’s top commentators

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hello everyone! it is that time again to send out shout outs to those who have visited + left their wonderful comments in this corner. i know mum had been preoccupied with other stuffs lately which left my blog asking for attention, but i do hope she gets to find time to update this baby more this month, or else! ūüėÄ
anyways, here are my top commentators for this month of june! thank you so much for stopping by + spending some of your precious time in my little corner. hopefully, i’d get to see you around here¬†often ! ūüėČ
  1. bonz @ Little Zoie bonz @ Little Zoie (2)
  2. cheerful cheerful (2)
  3. green monday green monday (2)
  4. jenilia jenilia (2)
  5. XyeXyrus XyeXyrus (2)
  6. XyeXyrus XyeXyrus (2)
  7. bluedreamer bluedreamer (1)
  8. Double Glazing Bromsgrove¬†Double Glazing Br… (1)
  9. genefaith genefaith (1)

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this corner’s top commentators for may

another month quickly ends + am here to give another round of “thank you’s” to those who’ve visited + left a comment or two on my posts. thanks to my top commentators for last month. the top commentator’s badge will be up on my sidebar for the whole month as a token! ūüôā

  1. bonz @ Little Zoie bonz @ Little Zoie (5)
  2. Jessica Cassidy Jessica Cassidy (4)
  3. Reese Reese (3)
  4. Jona Jona (2)
  5. Mai ThreeBoyz Mai ThreeBoyz (2)
  6. Sherry Sherry (2)
  7. XyeXyrus XyeXyrus (2)
  8. Angela Angela (1)
  9. Anne | Living Life Smarter¬†Anne | Living Lif… (1)

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top commentators for april


top commentators, announcement



a big shout out to april’s top commentators for leaving all those beautiful comments that mum + i enjoyed reading! they sure brighten our days! ūüėÄ

mommy¬†Jessica Cassidy¬†kindly send us your badge code using my contact form. your badge shall be up on my sidebar for one whole month as a little way of saying thank you! ūüôā

thanks again + hope you keep those comments coming! ūüôā
  1. Jessica Cassidy Jessica Cassidy (6)
  2. genefaith genefaith (2)
  3. Jona Jona (2)
  4. Mai ThreeBoyz Mai ThreeBoyz (2)
  5. My Little Home My Little Home (2)
  6. orlando orlando (2)
  7. anna mae anna mae (1)
  8. bev bev (1)
  9. cheerful cheerful (1)
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march top commentators

top commentators, announcement
this is yet another time to give out thank you’s to everyone who’s been visiting this corner. here are my top commentators for the month of march + as a way of saying thank you back, the top commentator’s badge shall be up on my sidebar for the remainder of the month. here’s wishing you all a great april ahead of us + don’t forget to leave those comments too often, mum + i truly enjoy reading them. thank you! ūüėČ
  • Mai¬†Mai (5)
  • Little World of Fun¬†Little World of Fun (4)
  • theresa¬†theresa (4)
  • Little Zoie¬†Little Zoie (3)
  • Reese¬†Reese (3)
  • Spanish Pinay¬†Spanish Pinay (3)
  • culyn patawaran¬†culyn patawaran (2)
  • Great Clips Coupons Akron¬†Great Clips Coupo… (2)

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