top commentators for february

top commentators, announcement

a big shout out to these people for their regular visits + their wonderful comments. presenting jared’s little corner‘s top commentators for the month of  january:

  1. Mai Mai (7)Top Commentator Award
  2. Jessica Cassidy Jessica Cassidy (6)Top Commentator Award
  3. dorry lyn dorry lyn (5)Top Commentator Award
  4. happy caity happy caity (5)Top Commentator Award
  5. Shengkay Shengkay (5)Top Commentator Award
  6. Little World of Fun Little World of Fun (4)
  7. Little Zoie's Steps Little Zoie’s Steps (4)
  8. Spanish Pinay Spanish Pinay (4)
  9. chubskulit chubskulit (3)

top five’s badge will be up on my sidebar for the entire month of march as a simple token of appreciation! for Jessica Cassidy , dorry lyn, + happy caity. kindly send in the codes for your badge.

thank you + hope to see you again in this corner very soon 😉

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top commenters for december 2011

thank you, top commenters

a big thank you to everyone who visited last month + left their comments, especially to my top commenters, namely:

  1. Mommy Jes Mommy Jes (7)Top Commentator Award
  2. May May (4)
  3. Iris by Shengkay Iris by Shengkay (3)
  4. Kai Xi Kai Xi (3)
  5. Daisy Daisy (2)
  6. Mai @ MaiThreeBoyz Mai @ MaiThreeBoyz (2)
  7. rachelle rachelle (2)
  8. redamethyst redamethyst (2)

Mommy Jes‘ widget will be up on my sidebar for the entire month as a sign of my thanks!  here’s hoping you will continue to visit my little corner, especially now with its improved looks ^_^

image from google

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this little corner’s november top commenters

thank you, top commentators

a big thank you from pocoyo + me for all the lovely people who left their comments. here are the top commenters in this corner for the month of november:

  1. happy caity happy caity (4)
  2. malyth malyth (3)
  3. Shengkay Shengkay (3)
  4. XyeXyrus XyeXyrus (3)
  5. bonz @ Little Zoie bonz @ Little Zoie (2)
  6. i am vince crispaul i am vince crispaul (2)
  7. Iris by Shengkay Iris by Shengkay (2)
  8. Jessica Cassidy Jessica Cassidy (2)
  9. Keanna Keanna (2)

to happy caity, i will be putting your badge on my sidebar for the entire month as my way of saying thanks ^_^

image from

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october top commenters

thank you, top commenterstime again to thank all my online titas {+ titos, if there are any :)} for leaving their adorable comments in my posts. to tell you the truth, we enjoy reading your comments {mum read all of them, of course, for now} + we look forward to checking our dashboards each day in the hope that one {or more} of you left some comment love 😀

so, thank you so much to my october’s top commenters. thank you for the fun thoughts + for your precious time 🙂 the top 2 commenters {usually the ones with a medal in them} badge will be featured in my sidebar all month long as my little way of saying thanks 🙂

Mommy Jes Mommy Jes (7) Top Commentator Award

mai mai (6)Top Commentator Award

i am vince crispaul i am vince crispaul (4)
rachelle rachelle (3)
gagay gagay (2)
Iris by Shengkay Iris by Shengkay (2)
Nancy Nancy (2)

thank you image from

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this little corner’s top september commenters

thank you, top commenters

i would like to give my heartfelt thanks to all who have been regularly visiting + commenting on my little corner. thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart 🙂

for the month of september, big thank you’s go to these beautiful people:

Maryjade Anne Manzanero Maryjade Anne Man… (33)Top Commentator Award
Contest Lover Contest Lover (10)Top Commentator Award
gagay gagay (4)
hobbies and everything hobbies and every… (4)
Mommy Jes Mommy Jes (4)
dorry lyn dorry lyn (3)
mommy-jheng mommy-jheng (3)
vhine vhine (3)
denver seo denver seo (2)

thank you all so much + as my way of saying thanks, i will place the top 2’s buttons on my sidebar for the whole month. to Maryjade Anne + Contest Lover, please send in your badge codes so i can put them in my sidebar {just use my buzz me form} hope to see you again this month + keep those comments coming 🙂

found those images, which are actually free printable notes, at
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