top commenters for august

thank you

it is good to be back online!

am glad that after a few days of being wonky, our internet connection is finally up + running again. mum never got the chance to finish validating the entries to our giveaway due to internet connection failure that we will be delayed in announcing our winners + i do hope you all understand.

now, to get you all the more excited, i will announce our lucky top comment for august who will win exciting prizes including $20 Paypal Cash, among others. without further ado, congratulations to our august top commenter:

Maryjade Anne A. Manzanero Maryjade Anne A. … (219)Top Commentator Award

congratulations! please use my contact form to send us your particulars {including your paypal address + your shipping details}. thank you for leaving those wonderful comments, we had a ball reading them 🙂

i would also like to say thank you to all the others who left comments here the past month. thanks for stopping by + i do hope to see you again soon.

Contest Lover Contest Lover (132)Top Commentator Award

J Allyssa J Allyssa (19)Top Commentator Award

vhine vhine (10)Top Commentator Award

anne anne (6)Top Commentator Award

Shengkay Shengkay (6)Top Commentator Award

dorry lyn dorry lyn (5)Top Commentator Award

RonLeyba RonLeyba (4)

anne anne (3)

i might just have something in store for the top commenters this month, so i hope you keep those lovely comments coming + stay tuned for the announcement of my giveaway winners!

meanwhile, am off to my afternoon nap 😉

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july top commenters this corner

Thank you, blocksas we bid goodbye to july + say hello to my favorite month (i guess you knew why by now ;)), i’d like to give my shout outs to the following who have been faithfully visiting my little corner, thank you all sooo much:

  1. Keanna Keanna (4)
  2. MOmmy Jes MOmmy Jes (4)
  3. Willa @ Smart Boys Willa @ Smart Boys (4)
  4. cheerful cheerful (3)
  5. dorry lyn dorry lyn (3)
  6. mommy-jheng mommy-jheng (3)
  7. Ms. Burrito Ms. Burrito (3)
  8. Pinx Pinx (3)
  9. tejan tejan (3)

i shall be placing the top 3 commenters for one whole month on my sidebar as a token of my appreciation, MOmmy Jes please send me a copy of your badge since I can’t find one in your site + Ate Keanna, kindly send me your shipping details as I have a little something for you in the mail (are you just around the Philippines, by the way?). i will also be sending a little something for Mommy Willa + Mommy Jes 😉 i might have something in store for this month’s top commenter, as well, so please stay tuned 🙂

i wish everyone an awesome august + please watch out for my birthday giveaway, too, which will be launched tomorrow. see y’all! 😉



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june top commenters

Thank you, blocks

mum can’t seem to figure out how the top commentators plug-in works in my blog, cause she had the same one in hers + it worked just fine. in my case, she cannot exclude the admins so I’d end up having her as top commenter. well anyway, apart from my mum, here are the people who’ve dropped by + left their comments to my blog in june. thanks to you all!

  1. jared joy (3)Top Commentator Award
  2. Mommy jes Mommy jes (3)Top Commentator Award
  3. Krystyn Krystyn (2)
  4. air air (1)
  5. arcee arcee (1)
  6. Bridget Brannon Bridget Brannon (1)
  7. Cielo of Brown Pinay Cielo of Brown Pinay (1)
  8. Dinah Dinah (1)

i will put the Top 2 commenters’ badge on my sidebar + since i am posting this late yet again, i will have the badges placed there for one whole month. that’s it for now, i hope to see you again soon here in my little corner 🙂


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