my new toy from proud mommy of three

Toy Stories, Kung Fu Panda Stuff Toy, giveawaysi recently got a new toy + i just love it! πŸ™‚

a package arrive for mum last week + lookit what it has inside – my new kung fu panda stuff toy! it is our prize from the pasko sa agosto giveaway of proud mommy of three. i bet my other stuff toys are also happy, just like me, to have another playmate.

Toy Stories, kids, toys, play, thank you very much, mommy rubz! loads of virtual hugs + kisses for you! πŸ˜‰

this is my toy stories share for the week, care to share yours? meanwhile, am off to lalaland with my new toy + his friends. see yah πŸ˜‰

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my new toy from Zoobic Safari

toys, kids

am sharing with you my new toy which mum + dad bought for me on my birthday when we went to zoobic safari. this symbolizes the white tiger that resides in there. the real one is so big + looks kind + scary at the same time, but aslan {got the name from narnia, i just love the lion there} is simply the coolest + very huggable. i hug him a lot + play with him, too. we chat sometimes, as well, to pass the time {of course none of our chats are understood by mum ;)}. elmo + my brown tiger toy have found another friend. we just love playing with each other πŸ™‚

this is my toy stories share for the week, what’s yours?



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interesting miyachi toy

Myachi Hand Sack, toys, kids, playmum won this toy from CDO Extreme‘s giveaway months ago + in case you’ve been wondering what this is it is a miyachi hand sack. you play with this tossing the hand sack (which is about a size of a regular nokia phone) + have fun catching it! this hand sack is made up of a sturdy cloth with beads inside.

Myachi Hand Sack

now, i am still too little to actually play with this toy so mum + i gave it to my cousin, sean, instead, + he had loads of fun tossing the sack into the air + catching it, too. he uses his hands + feet for that. maybe when am a bit bigger i can play this toy with my kuya.

this is my share for toy stories of the week, what’s yours? πŸ˜‰

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toy stories 02: my musical table


my musical table is a gift i got from mum + dad on my very first birthday.

apart from the colorful knobs + dials that i enjoy twiddling + pressing, the balls + the leaping frog + the merry-go-round mushroom + the fun sounds they make, it also has a small piano on the other side where i can play some nice music, with wonderful lights to go with that, too! the music also changes when you turn the music book from one page to another.

+ when am tired of pressing the knobs + buttons, or making music in the piano, i can turn the table around + appears yet another surprise! the table doubles as a yellow table with lots of slots where i can put the colorful, rounded blocks that comes along with my table. i can use it to build a tower or i can just play with the blocks alone + scatter them all over my room! i really love doing that! πŸ˜‰

my table toy also has these cute ladybug + insect power + volume button! really cool! + when am all tired of playing with the sounds, i simply topple the table over so i can use it a makeshift ramp or chair (see how i do it + how much i enjoy it here)! that is the funnest part πŸ™‚

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