on the first day of christmas…

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…mum gave me these awesome wooden toys 🙂 although, i did not get to play with all of them at one time, since she wrapped the other toy with colorful christmas wrapper + placed it under the tree {i was  told we’ll open them on christmas day}, i totally love these new toys! i was working a bit on this puzzle + after two days of playing, i finally managed to do the puzzle on my own + mum was so delighted! ^_^

toys, wooden toys

mum got these stuffs from her friend who’s selling them on her blog. mum said she really loves to buy toys online because there is easily loads of toys to choose from + she can do it without leaving our home, which is very convenient. she said one site that she must check out soon is deals direct, which has a wide collection of toys.

am looking forward to play with my new toys right after i open them on christmas day? i bet you are, too! 🙂

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my toy car, woody

toys, play, kids, toy stories, carsi didn’t think i’ve shared one of my very first toy cars with you, meet woody! he is one of the first few cars dad ever bought me. he’s got it from one of the gasoline station that had a promo of these toys last year, i guess. what’s so cool about him is that he can run fast + very far + all i need to do is push him a little backwards + he’ll go zooming on his own.

it took me quite a while to learn how to play with him, of course, i had to ask my mum most of the time to do it for me. but after a while, i got the hang of it + managed to do it on my own.

toys, play, kids, toy stories, cars

i had loads of fun playing with woody + running after him, too! mum also played with us whenever she can.

got any toy stories to tell? do share it with us at:

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kids in doodles: jared + the lightsaber

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that's me mounting our closet

another great play spot i’ve discovered recently is our little closet. unlike one of those big closets, ours is actually a children closet + stands several inches taller that i do + i was surprised to discover that i can actually stand inside it while playing.

play, kids, toys, kids in doodles
removing the lightsaber from its perch

apart from playing inside the closet, i was delighted to find out that i can actually remove the bar which mum used to hang our clothes on, + used it as a toy, like a lightsaber, probably. i would brandish the lightsaber around + have so much fun doing it 😀

play, kids, kids in doodles, toys
Obi-wan kenobi?

am sure you’ve got loads of kids in doodles stories + photos, share it with us here:

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kids in doodles: jared + his first toy car

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note: am so sorry that kids in doodles is a day late today, mum + i got a little tied up, but it is better late than never + i hope you can still join us 😉

i am fascinated with everything about cars. whenever i ride my dad’s i’d play with the steering wheel + play pretend-driving. i am also very ecstatic whenever i see a car on tv or for real + will always automatically blurt out “car” {my mum would always kid that i have a british accent ’cause i omit the r every single time 😉

my toycar, toys, cars, kids, play
this photo was taken a few days before i turn 1

i guess it is not surprising that one of my favorite toy is my first car, which was gifted to me by my ninang mars on my very first birthday. around that time, i was not big enough to play with it on my own + mum or tito always supports me whenever i ride it. but when i got bigger, i can easily maneuver my ride + play with it around my room + around our house.

i simply love cars. i also have a few little ones which i love to play, too! maybe, when i get bigger, i can ask mum to buy me a real one just like dad’s 😉

this is my kids-in-doodles share for this week, what is yours?

kids in doodles

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my new toy from Zoobic Safari

toys, kids

am sharing with you my new toy which mum + dad bought for me on my birthday when we went to zoobic safari. this symbolizes the white tiger that resides in there. the real one is so big + looks kind + scary at the same time, but aslan {got the name from narnia, i just love the lion there} is simply the coolest + very huggable. i hug him a lot + play with him, too. we chat sometimes, as well, to pass the time {of course none of our chats are understood by mum ;)}. elmo + my brown tiger toy have found another friend. we just love playing with each other 🙂

this is my toy stories share for the week, what’s yours?



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