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Myachi Hand Sack, toys, kids, playmum won this toy from CDO Extreme‘s giveaway months ago + in case you’ve been wondering what this is it is a miyachi hand sack. you play with this tossing the hand sack (which is about a size of a regular nokia phone) + have fun catching it! this hand sack is made up of a sturdy cloth with beads inside.

Myachi Hand Sack

now, i am still too little to actually play with this toy so mum + i gave it to my cousin, sean, instead, + he had loads of fun tossing the sack into the air + catching it, too. he uses his hands + feet for that. maybe when am a bit bigger i can play this toy with my kuya.

this is my share for toy stories of the week, what’s yours? 😉

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toy stories 07: mickey + minnie mouse shape sorter

toys, kids

this is my mickey mouse shape sorter, it was gifted to me by my ninang joey on my first birthday. what i particularly like about this toy are the letter-shaped + number-shaped pieces. there are 2 pieces each of A,B,C + 1,2,3 in different colors  which you have to fit into their matching shaped-holes in the lid of the shape sorter.  i usually cheat and tried to fit all the numbers + letters into a single hole (much to my mum’s chagrin). apart from that, i also enjoy throwing them just about anywhere + mum would have to retrieve them in different parts of the room like under the bed, or in different nooks + crannies of my playpen.

oh well, maybe when i am a bit bigger, i’d figure out how to fit the pieces into their proper holes without much help from my mum + play with them properly 😀

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messy-go-round: Jared + the messy buds

kids, playone of the things in our room that i really enjoy playing with are the cotton buds. i get the kicks at removing them from their resealable pack (of course, i ask mum’s help to do this for me ;)) + scattering them either on my mat, or the floor, my playpen or the bed (much like what in the photo).

kids, play

i like it when the tiny white cotton buds are strewn all over the place, disorderly + messy. i tried to count them one by one + grabbed as many as i can with my grubby little hands. it is very much fun 😉

so, what have you been messing about lately?

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toy stories 06: winnie the pooh plushy


toys, winnie the pooh

winnie the pooh is not really one of my favorites but it turned out that i have quite a few stuffs with him on it (check out my ball + my bedsheet), + now i have this little infant winnie the pooh stuff toy. well, he is really cute + lovable that it is very easy to like him really + i guess it was my mum + my titas who loved him 🙂

this little winnie the pooh stuff toy is one of the first toys i have ever owned. my tita cel bought this when i was just a very little fellow of several months old. it actually doubles as a rattle which is an ideal toy for infants + little babies. now that i’ve grown, winnie actually sleeps along with my other “little baby” toys in the nook just outside my playpen. i do play with them sometimes when i get bored or when i get the inspiration.

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orange winnie the pooh ball

tigger, pooh, ball

one of the best toys ever invented (at least in my opinion) is the ball! ball is simply the great! you can play with it on your own, or shoot into makeshift baskets you will find around, or, you can call on all your playmates + you can play catch!

as for me, the best way to enjoy  a ball is to just toss it + see where it landed! i mostly enjoyed playing with it on my own, running around the house while grabbing my winnie the pooh ball in one hand.  i also play catch with my cousins whenever they are at home. apart from this orange ball, i also have a few other types of balls which i love to play with, too 😉

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