toy stories 01: tomy + the eggs


we received this, along with a tiger stuff toy + a tiger book, a few weeks back. it was a package sent by mum’s blogger friend, mommy joy (if you want to receive toys + books from her too, do head down to her blog to contact her). the instant i saw this toy, i wanted to play with it at once, but mum told me that she has to clean it first. the moment mum finished cleaning them, i played with these toys right away. they are a bunch of cracked eggs sitting atop holes that matches the egg bottoms. it is battery-operated although we have yet to see what it does, since mum wasn’t able to buy a new set of batteries for it yet. the eggs also have different expressions.
the eggs come in bright, different colors plus i like the shapes of the egg bottom. there is a star, a triangle, a square, a cross + a bunch of others. this is a great toy to learn about colors + shapes. mum is showing me the varying shapes and colors so i’ll get familiar with them + recognize them on my own when i get a bit older.

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Shopping Bag

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a quick hello

hello there everyone, mum has been busy with both offline (chores + what-nots) + online (she was trying to find ways to make this site even better, plus she’s also looking for ways to earn online through article writing too) duties, that she was not able to update this little baby. plus, she is also currently racking her brains on our impending transfer. 
yes, you got that right, this blog will soon be transferred to wp as mum recently won a new domain + self-hosting from one of the giveaways she joined (am sure she will be posting about that one too :)) jared’s little corner will be transferring to a much better, so i am also excited about that. although i don’t really know the difference yet, but the grown ups seem to think it is quite a big deal if you have your own dotcom site, so i guess we will see then…

i hope you all hang in there, do pay us a visit + i promise mum will gladly return the favor once she found the time. also, do not forget to join our first ever blog giveaway, which will be closing today, by the way!
more updates from this corner later (when mum’s done with our laundry, that is!), take it easy + enjoy your weekend! as for me, i’ll keep myself busy with my pocoyo vids + i’ll play the day away too 🙂
meanwhile i’ll leave you with this pocoyo image that’s been populating our desktop these days + never fails to brighten up my day, hope ya like it!
happy saturday y’all!

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mommy + me monday 03: a day out snapshot


here is a snapshot of me + my mum during our recent trip to greenhills. we goofed around + dad took photos of us while we were waiting for our orders from kenny roger’s roaster.

i totally enjoy our family day outs. we would go out to have our groceries done, or would stroll around the mall with no particular goals but just to escape the cramping + cabin-feverish air in the house. + my favorite so far is our next exploit: exploring the beach! mum will be posting about the details of our subic getaway in here soon.

for now, mommy + i (sleeping most of the time) is in dire need of some shuteye.

happy monday everyone + have a great week ahead 😉

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Mommy and Me Monday at Really, Are You Serious?

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jared’s day out: a trip to greenhills

i was clowing around kenny rogers 😉

26 april, tuesday

mum + dad decided to go to greenhills just so we’d break our normal routine of going to the mall, or to the grocery near our place. we left at about 10am, since it’ll be quite a long journey plus we won’t know if there will be traffic in the main thoroughfares in the metro. 
we arrived a little before 12noon, just in time for lunch. we went to kenny rogers to eat. i simply love their chicken noodle soup, in fact, it is one of the only few solids i take 😉
after our sumptuous meal, it is shopping time + we walked around the shopping area scouting a rash guard for me + several other items like shorts + pajamas. after much walking around the densely populated area, here’s what mum + dad got for me:

mum got this maong shorts for P350
these pajamas are at P70 each

we were not able to find a rash guard with a cute design that fits me so mum decided to just look some place else for that.  not after she bought herself some stuff too. she got shirts + pajamas as well.

after several hours of scouring the area for best buys + great bargains, we were all tired with feet hurting that we decided to call it a day. but on our way out, we saw a big + small co. outlet + mum decided to spend our remaining gc’s. here’s what we’ve got, a nice pair of board shorts, a white summer tee, + a size 10 slip-ons in denim color:
mum also got hungry so we made a quick stop to the food court right before leaving the mall. mum had yummy plato wraps sandwich with a tall glass of gulaman. whilst my mum eats, i was checking out these huge, black ball (made into fountains which serve as nice centerpiece for the foodcourt) they are just the coolest + i had fun playing + running around it! too bad, mum was not able to take our photos here since dad left the camera in the car a little while ago.
it was a tiring day + we went home quite late, but it sure is one enjoyable shopping adventure. i can’t wait for the next one!
where did you go the last time you had a shopping spree? 😉
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messy-go-round 02: rice krispies medley

mum (in her desperate attempt to make me eat solids, i guess ;)) would allow me to have my own bowl of food + give me a spoon to go with it, so i can spoon all the goodies to my heart content. but almost all the time, + much to my mum’s frustration, my food would end up more like a plaything + scattered on the floor or stuck on my face 🙂 

take the rice krispies for example, i spoon most of the onto the monoblock chair + onto the floor afterwards. i also enjoy playing with my food with my hands, as clearly illustrated by this photo:

i guess mum also allows me to play with my food so i can be familiar with them + hopefully will soon be comfortable enough to grab a bite or take a spoonful. maybe in the near future i would. for now, i am totally enjoying my bottle + is definitely having a grand time making a beautiful mess of my food 🙂

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