our easter 2011

our easter photo
mum didn’t get around to posting about our easter day out 2 sundays ago, i guess washing my feeding bottles + doing the laundry + a host of other mum stuff she has to do got in the way. good thing she remembered to post it today, read on:

24 april, sm city – pampanga
we decided to go to the mall to celebrate easter, not that we’d like to participate in any easter egg hunt (am a tad too small to participate, maybe next year?), but we’d just like to spend the day out of the house + enjoy. my tita cel + tita isabel, including my cousin, kuya sean, went with mum + i.
when we arrived at the mall, we went straight to the baby section since mum wanted to tick off buying my shampoo + a new set of brush + comb  from our things-to do list first. she got me this cool safety 1st brush + comb in orange/white color. 
checking out the lights + waiting for our meal, while kuya sean throws a tantrum
next stop, some chicken lunch at kfc, but before our food is served, kuya sean had a tantrum + refused to talk to us even after much of our prodding. as we eat, and stomachs got full, the temper + tantrum subsides, so off we go to continue with our sunday adventure. 
we headed next to one of mum + my titas’ fave shop, national bookstore. my titas are hunting for good notebooks to buy (the three of them, my mum included, love buying cute notebooks) + mum will be hunting for some nice mother’s day card she’d send to my ninang beejay + to the mummy she’s chosen in their mummy’s day card exchange in pmc (mum will be writing about that in her blog). i enjoyed browsing at books + stuffs here, i love books, you see!
check out my wheels + kuya sean’s cool candy
when the grown ups are done, we all walked around looking for the next thing to explore. mum is also looking for the precious pages shop since she wants to buy the new release off her favorite kristine series. but not before we stopped by the booth that rented out trolleys + things for babies, me included, to sit in whilst strolling around the mall. i chose this cool car thing + had a blast with it. i never want to get out. i had loads of fun pretending i’m a race car driver, i never want to share it with my kuya!
we swung by the candy corner + they bought this cool, blue candy with light in it for kuya sean + a girlie lipstick candy (our pasalubong for ate shane).
striking a pose with our tita cecille
the grown ups took turns pushing my car around the mall. the along came the easter bunnies + loads of ’em, which am only too occupied with my car to even notice. it was kuya sean’s turn to enjoy as he fed the rabbits whilst tita isabel took photos.
meanwhile, i was busy practicing my driving skills as my mum pushed me on. we went on to look for the shop she was searching for + found it in the farthest part of the mall. she quickly asked the sales lady for that particular books she was looking for, bought it  + off we went. vrooommm! 
kuya sean feeding the easter bunnies
it was a tiring yet fun + enjoyable day, + i still have loads of energy inside the van, traveling back home. i’m looking forward to another family day out 🙂
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who’s turning a big 20!

Lilypie - Personal pictureLilypie Second Birthday tickers
yep, am turning another month older today! yay! people always say i look so big now + were amazed at how i’ve grown from being a tiny little tot. well, i guess that’s what happens when you lie around all day (of course, i watch movies + videos + play a lot on the side, too!) feeding on my bottle of milk, or sometimes munching on something my mum gave me for snacks ;)!
here’s what i’ve been up to:

  • since i’ve mastered the art of walking many months ago, i am now trying to perfect the interesting + beautiful craft of running, whilst the grown ups nervously trot behind
  • i do talk a lot more now, even if most of it includes a lot of gibberish that mum is racking her brains hard to decipher, hah!
  • i’ve also mastered the art of running my very first car + i can’t wait to try a real, big car (just like my daddy drives) in the future, well probably in 16 years 😉
  • mum is getting frustrated with my solid food eating habits but i’ve really taken into munching pringles, i totally love ’em!
  • i guess you can also say that my official first word would have to be “car”
  • i enjoy watching all the cars passing by the street (cars for me sometimes would also include trucks, vans, bicycles + trikes!)
  • i’ve also been to greenhills for the first time + i totally enjoy the huge black ball fountain in the food court (too bad mum wasn’t able to take much photos)
  • i’ve found an effective way to silence my mum’s constant + endless chatters, kissing her on lips whilst she is caught unawares. does the trick always 😉 why not try it on your mums too?
  • my counting still begins + ends with the number 2, maybe one of these days i’ll be able to include numbers 1, + 3 + 5!

i guess mum’s quite excited about me turning a month older, she’s probably thinking i’ll be turning two in a few month’s time. well we’ve got loads of things to do + learn before my big day. i also have to learn how to swim once mum got around to enrolling me in this summer’s swim class.

anyway, thanks for sharing with our celebration, join us again next time + why not check out our simple giveaway (which mum finally managed to post, by the way!) while you’re here. good luck then + cheers!

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jared’s favorite things: my very 1st blog giveaway

nothing really fancy, this is just our own simple way of celebrating my 20th month old birthday + celebrating all of you who’ve been with us in this online journey.

to make it twice the fun, we’ll have 2 sets of winners + you’ll get to win either of these fun stuffs:

1. for manila readers

music is one of my absolute favorites + i’ve been listening to a lot of ’em even when i was still in my mum’s tummy. did you know that you that music is also a great learning tool? to help you experience the fun, learning activities in music, we will be giving away a P500 musikgarten gc (which you can use until 30 june) to one lucky metro manila resident (this is located in mandaluyong, see!) 

2. for readers outside of manila

so that readers from outside metro manila won’t be lonely, we’ll be giving away this intex inflatable pool (dimension: 24″ x 81/2″) especially for them, just right for endless water fun in the safety of your yard this summer. don’t you just love wading + splashing in the water? i have yet to use my inflatable pool + am so, so excited!

here’s how to join:

easy enough, right? after you’re done, fill out this form to make it easier for mum to draw the winners.

important details:

  • this giveaway is until may 15 only!
  • this giveaway is open to philippine residents only (hopefully we’ll get to have international giveaways in the future)
  • winners will be drawn via random.org + shall be announced on may 17
  • winners shall be notified via e-mail and has 48 hours to respond with their mailing details before we pick out a new winner
  • mum shall be sending the prizes via courier + will notify the winners once they are sent

i hope you all join to make this giveaway much more fun, who knows mum might throw in additional prizes too.

thanks in advance for joining + good luck everyone!

disclaimer: this blog is not connected, in any way, with the products mentioned above. i am not compensated to post about them + have purchased these items on my own. 

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friday fill-ins 2011.15

1. I love to walk with bare feet on hot white sands.

2. I have a foolproof way of chasing stress away, I break into a song and a smile.

3. It’s how you play the game that matters more that winning the game.

4. I’d rather hear the truth than deal with the agony of the depth of the things you don’t tell me!

5. Well, would you be kind enough to give this poor mum a break she deserves.

6. Too bad we do not celebrate spring here, too much for spring peepers.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to reading this new paperback i recently bought, tomorrow my plans include going to the groceries with my son and Sunday, I want to visit my parents graves!

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