toy stories 05: my mobile phone

V-tech mobile phone, toys

today am sharing to you one of my first + favorite toys – my v-tech mobile phone. mum + dad bought this as another gift (check out my other gift here)when i turned 1 year old last year. i instantly fell in love with this toy + it also instantly fell onto the floor when i threw it for the first time at the toy kingdom floor where we bought it!

i used to love playing with mum’s mobile phones, maybe that is why she got me one of my own. mine is actually cooler with loads of colors in it (it is fun to play during nighttime just before we sleep because of all the pretty colors!), it actually has cute + funny sounds, too! you press a dial + the numbers are said allowed as you press on them. you press another one + the numbers will read out different greetings + niceties to use during a phone conversation like “thank you”, “hello”, “let’s call daddy”, “daddy i love you.” another dial will turn these niceties into chinese niceties like “Xièxiè” for thank you + “Nín hǎo” for hello.

V-tech Mobile Phone, toysv-tech mobile phone, toysit also sings a beautiful song that goes:

call your friends,mommy too, you can say how do you do, with a ring, ring, ding-a-ling, caller of the day, have your friends to come + play

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