summer is here!

summer, beach, walt disney world resort

it was so evident with the scorching heat that summer is finally upon us + i cannot help but think of my inflatable pool, which am sure mum would put up very soon so i can splash in the water to beat the heat, + the beach, with the sand, the sea + the shore 🙂

mum has no definite summer plans as of yet, apart from the plans to see the big ship of books next week + go to bataan over the holy week.  i just hope we can go to the beach, too. we had the chance to go to one of those beaches in zambales last summer + i definitely loved it! i swam in the pool for hours + hours + even dipped in the sea with my parents

oh well, am sure, if mum could afford it, she’ll probably bring me to all those lovely places, walt disney world resort, even, since she knows how much i adore mickey mouse + his friends. she would probably spend many hours online reading loads of  Orlando Hotel Reviews so she will know which one to choose among these beautiful Orlando Hotels, polynesian resort, port orleans resort or buena vista palace, will best suit our needs + fit our budget, too! 😉

what are your summer plans?

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