my white mickey mouse coinbank

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my mum got me this white mickey mouse coinbank in january. i instantly fell in love with it since mickey is one of my most favorite characters. there are several colors available on display but we settled for the white since mum find it way too cute! 🙂

i actually thought that this was a toy+ went on to play with it. i used it as a ball + cracked as soon as it fell off the floor {you can see some of the in the photo, in fact} but mum said that it is not + it is actually a coin bank, used for storing coins so we can save some money. she said it is a great way of teaching little kiddos like me the idea of saving, plus, it also makes for one ideal counting practice.

i am now filling my coin bank, tooddles, with 5-peso coins. this is my second coin bank {check out my  first one here, which we are filling with 1-peso coins} + is now filling a third one with10-peso coins. i shall tell you all about it soon. mum said the coins we save will be used for buying me a lightning mcqueen cake on my 3rd birthday! 🙂

are you using coin banks to save your coins, too?  am sharing my post with wednesday whites, by the way 😉

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another fun carousel ride

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rides are just absolutely fun, but back when i was a tad smaller i was not really too fond of them, well except when i am riding for the first time, really, which i totally enjoyed! there was a time when i had to get off a fun airplane ride at a local arcade when the ride came to life.

anyway, i guess i am really growing up since then, cause when i had another round at this colorful grand carousel when we went to the mall some weeks ago, i simply enjoyed the ride. + what do you know, i was even taking my hands of the handle bars of my horsey! mum was so delighted when i did that, but had to remind me to keep my hands on the handle bars, anyway 😀

kids, kids fashion, weekend, rides, out + about, whites

by the way, i was wearing my white shirt from big + small company {which mum got me for christmas}, my black shorts from sm department store – kid section, + my florsheim sandals. it was really hot these days + mum wanted to dress me in the most comfortable clothes whenever we go out. the only setback is that my white shirt ended dirty white after the whole afternoon of running around the mall + browsing thru stacks of postcards + books on display 😀

so how’s your carousel ride? i would love to hear about your experience.

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