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a friend of mum’s is having a kids yoga class this weekend. am sure mum would’ve loved to join if only we were not scheduled for another event at that day. you might be luckier and if you want to attend, check out the details below and don’t forget to let your mum know, ayt? 😉

What ~ Kids Yoga with Teacher Ria

Where ~ Beyond Yoga,BHS Central

When ~ Saturday, 15 December, 2-3pm

Rate ~ Php 300

if you have not tried yoga for kids, now is the best time to give it a shot. i may not have actually done yoga myself, but i’ve been surrounded with too many people doing yoga and i’d say it has a very positive effect on people. save the date and try it, i know you will thank me for it! 😉

 to reserve your slot, kindly call these numbers: 0917-629-9642 or 5533699!

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let’s get floored!

This is one mommy event every mom should go to,Moms on the floor by Mommy Mundo on September 11.  This will be both beneficial to moms and babies, and daddies as well.  There are just way too many benefits in just  learning a few basic yoga poses and what fun will it be to be doing it along with our babies.

I have always fancied myself to be a true blue yogini and would love it very much if Jared will grow up doing yoga as well… this is a baby step towards the realization of that lifelong dream. I just wish we could go there…blessed be.  

Do check out Mommy Mundo’s site for more info and don’t forget to bring your mats..see you all there!

Note:  Thanks SP for the info!

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