the fairy hobmother spreads his fairy dusts in this corner

giveaway alert

that is right! the fairy hobmother just recently visited mum’s blog + sent some fairy dusts this corner, too! i have yet to discover what a fairy is + am sure mum will be delighted to let me know. + from the look of this tiny little creature that mum included on this post, i bet am going to love fairies! i hope you do, too.

anyway, mum said the fairy hobmother did not come empty-handed, he brought along his gifts, + i bet mum is hoping she can get that washing machine she’s been dreaming of for a while now.  if not, am sure she will be happy to get books + toys for me! 🙂

by the way, the little winged-one told me if you will be kind enough to leave your name, email + url on a comment below, he might just sprinkle some fairy dusts on your way, too! so go ahead + leave those comments! 😉

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    1. now that you’ve left your details, i hope he will be on his way to spread some fairy dusts on your blog, too! 😉

  1. Still waiting for the fairy hobmother to visit me.. 🙂 looking forward dear hobmother.. 🙂 Come and share with me 🙂

  2. Your mom certainly deserves that washing machine and I’m sure the fairy hobmother will grant your wishes so you can spend more time together! 😉

    1. i hope so, tita reese! hopefully the fairy hobmother flies onto your blog, too! 😉

  3. Hey Jared, you made me smile today. Can you please tell Fairy Hobmother to drop my by place, too? Thank you. 🙂

  4. Washing machines are great inventions. Aside from making mommy chores done faster, it gives the kids more bonding time with their moms. 🙂

    I am hoping fairy hobmother will visit me soon. 🙂

  5. As much as I am curious about this Fairy Hobmother, just wondering if the Fairy Hobmother is a he or a she? Anyway, I could have a chance to know more about this Fairy Hobmother.

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