kids in doodles: my new laptop

kids in doodles, toys, my favorite things, educational toys for children

time again for another edition of kids in doodles + i would like you to meet my new laptop, this is actually not-so-new as i’ve got this toy in january as a christmas present from my ninang gold. what i love about this is that it not only helps me practice on my abc’s + 123’s, but it also teaches me how to spell certain words, those which are easy enough for kids my age to do. it also teaches me to spell the numbers as well, + my current favorite is the number “zero.”

kids in doodles, my favorite things, toys, educational toys for children, playtime

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kcat’s may birthday project 2012

toddler for a cause,
to celebrate her birthday this coming may 12, 2012, ate kcatย is visiting the children at the pediatric ward of the philippine general hospital. it is her own way of sharing her blessings + giving inspiration to these children who are suffering from diseases + ailments, as well as share courage + hope to this sick children.

mum supports this cause + we would’ve loved to be part of the celebration if only i am a bit bigger! so that we might be able to help in our own little way, am sharing this with you + may you find it in your heart to share whatever you can to these children.

toiletries, powder, alcohol + diapers are just a few of the things you can donate to this cause. you can also send in your old toys + books so that the little ones confined in the hospital may have something to cheer them up with or entertain them during long hours or days of being tied to their hospital beds.

you can also send in monetary donations {thru paypal} so they can buy food + other things to make this party more fun! simply contact 0906-336-0757 or 0923-521-9600

you can also visit the event’s facebook page for more details ๐Ÿ™‚

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kids in doodles: stars + planets

kids in doodles, playtime, out + about, learning activities for kids

last week was one of the busiest weeks we’ve had. mum + i went to 2 different events, went to fun ranch ย for my first play date with rylan + to activefun over the weekend. my schedule was full. it was a tad tiring but i really had loads of fun. i shall tell you all about my adventures in upcoming posts. meanwhile, i will share my experience at the skyxpolore indoor digital museum. read on…

last wednesday, mum + i went to this big blue tent which mirrored the sky outside. we saw lots + lots of stars + constellations. we were even taught the names of the lot of them ~ including virgo, pisces, leo, canis major + loads more! we also checked out planet including mars + jupiter.

it was a very great experience + it felt like you were actually floating just a few inches away from all those heavily bodies! it was amazing!

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hoorah it’s earth day!

green tips, greetings

happy earth day to you! + don’t even think that just because we are wee bit little creatures that we cannot do anything for mother earth. here are a few easy suggestions how we can save the earth with our itsy bitsy tiny hands:

greetings, green tips

aren’t those easy enough? with a little bit of help from the grown ups, we will able to do all those in the list, right? we can also follow our mums’ leads to reduce, reuse + recycle, + by not being litter bugs, too! am sure you can think of other fun + creative ways to help save our planet. meanwhile, go out + enjoy the rest of the day. maybe you can also ask mum + dad to bring you to a park or a zoo, so you can play with the animals + see loads of trees, too! don’t forget to spread the word about earth day + do something that will make mother earth smile wherever you may go, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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