spiderman for earth hour

every year, we switch off the lights for an hour to join in with the earth hour celebration. a few years back, we took photos in the dark and it was so much fun. you can read all about our experience here. this year we shall be joining in people from different places who will switch off lights for mother earth. am not sure if we will go to the mall to join the earth hour fun or if we will be celebrating here at home, but either way, am sure it is going to be fun + how cool will it be to help save our planet, right?

it is also exciting to mention that the web-slinging superhero, spiderman, is also joining to help promote earth hour. a few years ago my favorite character, pocoyo, was also assigned to be a earth hour ambassador. you may read about that in this post.

this coming 29 march, it is time again to participate in this year’s earth hour. do not forget to switch off the lights, the lights and all your gadgets at 8.30-9.30pm.

however you choose participate this year, make sure you remind mum to switch off the lights, right?  :Wink:

image is from earthour.org

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all set for the blogging from a to z challenge this april

blogging, blogging from a to z challenge

we do enjoy joining those blogging challenges + have loads of fun sharing all about our wonderful adventures through those challenges. it has been a while since we’ve joined one + it is a good thing mum stumbled upon this a to z blogging challenge that will run this april. am sure it well be a lot cooler sharing stuff + using the alphabet as our inspiration, especially now that am really appreciating the alphabet, learning to read + write them in playschool.

this early, mum is thinking of what stuff to share for this challenge + i hope you look forward to our daily share. it will be one perfect way to motivate us to update the blog regularly, too!  :Wink:

do hover over the a-z challenge badge if you are interested to join in on the challenge, too!

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kids in doodles: my new sketchpad

time for yet another kids in doodles + i hope you’re all ready this week with your share! 🙂

my tita jinky went to the bookstore last week + look what she got for me! a really nice looking sketchpad. she noticed that i have recently been very interested in drawing + suggested i doodle on an actual sketch pad instead of my magic slate. i think it is a good idea since i can get to keep a copy of my drawings  this time around as all my masterpieces drawn on the magic slate can never be saved. 

i cannot wait to use my new sketchpad + draw my favorite subjects these days, the teenage mutant ninja turtles! i know am still a long way from drawing the turtles real good, but nothing a lot of practice cannot accomplish, right? so i will just keep on drawing + i do hope you wish me luck!

your turn! do not forget to link up with us so we can see your awesome doodles! have a great week ahead!  :Bye:

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cool ben 10 stickers

my favorite things, stickers, ben10

check out this cool + huge ben10 stickers that mum got for me last year when we visited this shop in the city after my playschool class. mum is so fond of buying me these stuff as i really love stickers especially if they are of my favorite cartoon characters. i enjoy watching ben10 + his adventures with his cousin gwen + her friend kevin. it sure is an awesome experience to be fighting all these bad guys + to be many characters at different times with the help of the ultrimatix! i know i would enjoy the experience!  :Approve:

by the way, did i mention i was able to meet a real-life ben10 about 2 years ago? you may read about that experience here. + in case you’re wondering where i put the extra big ben10 stickers, i placed it on this box which mum upcycled to carry a number of my books! 🙂

what is your favorite stickers at the moment?

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How to Stay Safe on Your Motorcycle

cars + other vehicles, guest post, grown up stuff

Whether you have had a motorcycle for a while or you are the proud new owner of one, it’s important that you take your riding seriously. When someone is in an accident while riding a motorcycle, the damage to the rider is often extreme. Safety should always come first. There are some things you can do in order to stay as safe as possible while riding. Here are a few of them, including looking into great products by UClear.

Wear Protective Gear

First and foremost, you should always wear protective gear. These things can save your life. The most important piece is your helmet. There are many different types of helmets, but there are ones that are specific for motorcycle riding. Be sure that you don’t try to save yourself money by going with a different style or none at all. They make many different kinds that you can choose from, so you can get a style that looks great on you. You should never be caught without one. You should also consider wearing protective goggles or glasses. When you are driving on the freeway, you are going at extreme speeds. You wouldn’t want something to fly into your eyes, causing you to not be able to see.

Learn Riding Etiquette

You should also learn riding etiquette. There are certain signals and signs that a rider can do to help those around him know what he plans to do. You can learn the hand motions for turning and other things. These things can help when you are in heavy traffic or if your lights aren’t working. You can never be too careful on your bike.

Hands-Free Talk

As dangerous as using a phone is while driving a car, it is even more dangerous while riding a motorcycle. Luckily there are companies like UClear that help you to be able to use your phone without causing you to be unsafe. They have systems that install directly into your helmet so all you have to do is answer a call using a voice activated feature, and you can talk on your phone without having to do a thing. This allows you to focus on the road while using the phone at the same time.

Jared Quips

With the alarming rate of motorcycle-related road accidents, it really is wise to take the necessary precautions while you are out on the streets. Make sure you give it your 100% attention and keep the distractions to a minimum. You might be an ace driver, but you will never know where + when accidents will rise, so it is ideal that you pay undivided attention to driving while you are out on the road. + do not forget to keep these nifty tips in mind! :Approve:

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