music monday: earth song by smokey mountain


In celebration of earth hour last saturday, i am sharing this very old song from my most favorite group back then, the smokey mountain. here’s the lyrics to this timely song:

if the earth could sing a melody
it would be a lonely tune i swear, no harmony
if the earth could play a symphony
all the seas and all the oceans would splash desperately
if the earth could write its history
names of those who strangled her will figure prominently
if the earth could plead insanity
it would spew us all to a distant nameless galaxy….

comprised of lone female member, geneva cruz, + tony lambino, jeffrey hidalgo + james coronel (+ later on james will be joined in by jayson angangan, zhar santos + chedi vergara) this kid-group was very popular here in the country + the neighboring asian countries too. singing socially-relevant songs, this group taught me a thing or two about the environment, nationalism + some other important stuffs kids my age ought to be pondering about. i say they’ve become a major influence in my teenage years. i only wish kids nowadays can have someone like them to look up to + idolize.

here’s another song (this time from the second group), paraiso, which they performed in a songfest in japan + won!


my late entry to this week’s

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