here in my new little corner…

yep, this little tot has found a new little corner, a physical one that is, as we recently moved to a new house in the city. mum, together with my tita, decided to rent out our own place + we have found this little cute house just a few minutes away from tita‘s work.

we moved last thursday. dad + mum packed all our things in the car + traveled to our new home which is also just about 20 minutes away from our old place {my mama + papa’s house}.

i love the new place because it is blue! plus i’d also love to give the stairs a go some time soon. mum keeps an eye on me so i won’t play at the stairs since it’s too risky + i might fall off, but she lets me go up + down the steps while she holds me.

we haven’t got time to take out the camera + take some photos but i’ll share some as soon as we did.

in the meantime, i’ll just sleep in some more {while mum does this post :D}!

happy friday everyone! 😀

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