Games And Apps For Children: 5 Things To Love About

Being cooped up at home for longer periods of time during this pandemic may be boring and challenging even for children. Now that they are spending less time on face-to-face activities, we need to be creative in making sure they still get plenty of stimulation and entertainment at home.

Although limiting their screen time on their gadgets and computers is also a must, it cannot hurt to allow them to play online games from time to time to help pass the time and ward off boredom.

One website you might want to consider exploring with your little ones is It is one-stop website for all your online game needs. Here are 5 things I love about it:

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User-friendly interface

First and foremost, website is very user-friendly. It features free unblocked html games that can easily accessed through your browser, without even having to download an app. It will not need a seasoned gamer to figure the site out and even gaming noobs or parents who are not too keen on technology and gaming can easily find their way around the games it offers.

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on biking + tips on how to care for your bike

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Biking is probably one of the most enjoyable thing to do, that was why I was so happy when my tito + titas gave me one for my birthday last year. I was so excited to learn how to ride it + would ask mum to help me take it out to the garage where I can ride almost every single day. Even though I was still quite small to learn how to ride a bike at that time, mum would patiently teach me how to pedal + would push me around the garage just so I can have a feel of how it is like to actually ride a bike. Biking, or cycling as what others call it, is also a perfect form of exercise as you work out your leg muscles, as well as your arms and hands as you ride.

Unfortunately, after a year of using my bike, the Lightning McQeen bike seat just gave in + snapped. Mum is not sure whether we can still have it repaired or if we need to buy a new one, which might take a while as these bikes do not come cheap. It was really sad that I can no longer ride my bike. I would really love how to learn how to pedal + am so much willing to practice everyday to finally learn how to do it.

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Oh well, I hope you have more luck with your bikes than I did. Here are a few tips on how you can take care of your bike so you can use it for years and years to come:

  1. Stash your bike in a Bike storage when not in use, to ensure that it is in a-okay condition + to ward off potential danger or damage
  2. Inflate your tires properly before riding to prevent untimely tire damage and to ensure your safety while riding your bike
  3. Keep your bike day to prevent rust from damaging the metal parts of your bike. When it accidentally gets wet while you are riding, make sure to dry it up before you stash it away
  4. Oil your bike’s pedals + chains as these moving parts tend to grind on each other when not well oiled.
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the games we kiddos play

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playing games is probably one of the most enjoyable thing to do as a kid + i am sure, like me, you also have loads of wonderful games that you play with your mum + dad, or siblings if you have some, or cousins, or just about anyone who would like to play with you.

here are a few of the games i enjoyed playing with my mum:

  • peek-a-boo ~ is probably one of the first games i enjoyed playing with the grown ups, i particularly enjoyed waiting for them to show their faces after hiding them behind their palms, or a book, or a pillow. now that i am a bit bigger, we also count from numbers 1 to 10 while we play this
  • a is for apple ~ apart from counting, i also learning about the alphabet that is why, this game is definitely one of my faves + you should see the look of delight on mum’s face whenever i blurt out something that perfectly matches the letter she mentioned. my faves are animals, like e for elephant + d for dog!
  • filling up my coin banks  ~ this will not probably count as an actual game, but we’ve made it into one. i sure get a knack at aiming at those slots with my 1-peso or 5-peso, even 10-peso coin, while counting the coins, too! the coins also make a wonderful sound when they dropped which made this activity even better. am sure this is something even the grown ups like,  + maybe that is the reason why there are practice slots + slots casinos for them to enjoy. who knows, i might enjoy those, too, when i am older.
  • puzzles ~ i love doing puzzles, mum said it not only makes for a great toy but also harnesses my logical thinking, too. i wish mum will get me a new one, so i can alternate it with the old ones i have

i shall share more of my favorite games in my upcoming posts. so, what is your favorite game, again? 😉

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