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When you collect blades, you are always on the look out for something new to add to your collection. Whether you have an eye on bleach swords, an assortment of knives, or self defense weapons, Swordsswords has a comprehensive selection. Find that unique blade that will complement your collection or that hard-to-find blade that has been eluding you. At the click of a button, you will have a catalog at your disposal.

A Blade You that Must Be Yours

You can’t resist swords and knives. They give you a thrill and get your blood pumping. You have a large collection that just keeps growing to the point that your house is starting to look like a museum. That’s the way you like it and Swordsswords can help you to ensure that your collection continues to grow. Be sure to browse through an assortment of swords, including historical swords, handmade swords, movie swords, and gaming swords. Only you know what matches your tastes. You need to see all of your options before you make a final decision. You’ll also discover a full lineup of knives to add to your collection. Choose from Bowie knives to Damascus Steel knives. View knives by the brand or the type of blade. When you need a blade, you have come to the right place.

Don’t Forget the Medieval Collection

No blade collection can be complete without Medieval accessories. Consider armor, Medieval horns, and Medieval daggers to complement your assortment. If you have not opted for anything Medieval before, now could be the time to branch out. Medieval swords and shields make for an attractive addition as well. When you want to make your collection complete, Swordsswords is at the ready for you.

Order with Ease

There is no hassle when you shop with Swordsswords. View your selection online, place your order, and you’ll soon have the next piece for your collection arriving at your doorstep. If you have a question, helpful representatives can assist you to make the process go smoothly. When you need a sword or other type of blade, you need Swordsswords.

Jared Quips

I thought these blades and swords are a great addition to anyone’s toy collection, especially if you are a fun of ninjas + samurais. Also, these swords will make for an awesome addition for great costumes, especially during Halloween or parties!

I bet having one of those cool Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles swords will be cool. Would you like to own a sword or two?

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P is for Postcrossing

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mum loves receiving + sending postcards + since she noticed that i appreciate the postcards that she received, especially those that feature my favorite disney characters like woody from toy story + lightning mcqueen from cars, she created my very own profile last february.

since then i have sent a couple of postcards. of course mum has to choose the postcards for me + write on them + send them on my behalf. i have also received a number of postcards + I will share them with you in upcoming posts. mum also had a direct swap with someone from hongkong for a bunch of cool cars postcards which i cannot wait to show you!

if you’re interested to swap with me, do send me a message through my profile. you can also check out our postcards for swap in this album. i would love to trade them with any cars, toy story or ironman postcards! 🙂

my share for this week’s ABC Wednesday

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