kids in doodles: jolly summer fun day

Kids in doodles, out + about, summer, toddler, my favorite things, jollibee kiddie party

Kids in doodles, out + about, summer, toddler, my favorite things, jollibee kiddie party

time for another round of kids in doodles!

on the last day of the month, we attended jollibee’s last hoorah for summer, the jolly summer fun day!

we arrived to our local jollibee branch in crossing a lot earlier + mum got the chance to snap photos of me before the event started. +, of course, she also got me a big cup of my fave drink, pineapple juice! 😀

Kids in doodles, out + about, summer, toddler, my favorite things, jollibee kiddie party

the event started much later so i was able to play and run around with other kids in attendance before it began. i found this new little guy playmate + we ran around the place, exploring every bit of interesting areas in the place, + after a while, the play area next room.

Kids in doodles, out + about, summer, toddler, my favorite things, jollibee kiddie party

once the party started everyone was so excited. there were dancing and singing and much like every jolly kiddie party, there were games and contests for older kids to join, as well as other exciting treats prepared for us that day.

Kids in doodles, out + about, summer, toddler, my favorite things, jollibee kiddie party

of course, no jollibee party will be complete without the dance number by our beloved jollibee mascot. he tagged along his good friend hetty to join the festivities + they gave a delightful dance number that all the kids enjoyed + danced along! mum also took the chance to have my photos taken with jollibee before our camera went dead.

it was a very fun + enjoyable afternoon, what a way to say goodbye to summer! + what’s even better is that mum even let me play at the play area afterwards! 😀

so how did you spend your last summer day? share it with us here to make our game more fun + do not forget to check in on other participants to spread some cheer, too. enjoy + have a wonderful week ahead! 🙂

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Ethan Jared Turns One! loot bags, giveaways, etc…

for jared’s kiddie lootbags, i preordered personalized pocoyo lootbags from chocolatefund (which i got for 16php each including a personalized card tag, which my bro, ken designed)
for the contents i asked my sis, cel, to buy these from divi. i included bubbles (jared’s favorite), personalized pocoyo stickers, mini coloring books and keychains (which i got from ebay ), personalized matchbook notes (also from chocolatefund, which i got for cheap!), pens, stickers, nail art for the girls, pencils, erasers and mini face towels and i’ve thrown in some sweets as treat as well.

for the adults i ordered personalized cupcakes (which spelled out “ethan jared turns one” and “happy birthday ethan jared!”

i nicked the idea of a diy standee from the SP Forum and had a photo of jared taken especially for the purpose. again, i have to ask my bro’s help to cut out the tarp otherwise i will have it all ruined, no thanks to my “pasmado” hands! i love the diy standee we’ve created and so does jared, he thinks it is another kid and he wants to play with him!
for the piñata, i was thinking of wrapping a box with japanese paper then sticking pocoyo photos on it but in the end, we just made a box out of illustration board and put colored photos of pocoyo and the gang on it, plus the lovely birthday logo that my brother also created. i loved how it turned out and we filled it with candies and goodies the children enjoyed so much.
i just loved how everything turned out, i guess for your son’s very first birthday you would really love to give your best to give him the best, and i don’t really mean you spend thousands of pesos, small gestures plus a whole lot of labor of love goes a long, long mile….
so tell me about your child’s first birthday preparations, i’d love to hear from you, do get in touch with me at vixenp33 at gmail dot com…cheers!
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Ethan Jared turns One! part I

note: this is a month-old overdue post as i have been summoning up my wits and is procrastinating but i ran out of alibis to postpone it further..

the invite with elly, pato and of course, pocoyo!

date: august 30, 2010

time: 3-5pm
location: jollibee – puregold, malolos city
theme: pocoyo goes to jollitown

this is another milestone in my son’s book, his very first birthday!

we woke up the morning of august 31st a little bit late (what with the party jitters settling in, i can’t seem to sleep the previous night plus i went home a little late from picking up my son’s pocoyo cake and cupcakes from cupcakesforless and having a much-needed, well-deserved mani/pedi which was also a treat for myself since it was my birthday 2 days ago), anyway all i have to do is prepare my son for this afternoon’s event, since everything else is set for the party later!i got all the loot bags  and other party favors neatly stacked in a paperbag, jared’s babybag prepared the night before, the cool diy standee (more of do-it-by-tito, since i had everything done by my bro, ken), after some last minute tweaking from my brother is now stationary in a corner of the room waiting for some party action,and the cake and cupcakes stashed in a corner ready for transport. and yes, i’ve forgotten about the piñata, where is it anyway? only about 30% of it is finished and we have like what four hours or so before the party starts!okay, before i go into panic attack, took some breath to clear my chest and just relax…inhale, exhale, relaxing now…oh god, where are the cd giveaways!

                            these cuppies are way too cute and yummy too..ooops, that missing one

                                                  didn’t last the first hour i brought it home…
it turned out that we have yet to burn a few cd giveaways and attach the layout to them and finish the piñata and buy additional candies for the piñata as well, before we troop to jollibee for jared’s party.  okay i think that is manageable, there are 6 of us working simultaneously to get all the last-minute works done. no worries, no pressure, right? well easier said than done.  when it is your son who’s having his very first birthday and you are the one organizing it, i think i have all the right to panic now?!
                                       cd layout…the birthday outfit…loot bag                                                                                                                          



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