Join SpongeBob SquarePants + His Friends In The Ultimate Bikini Bottom Buddy Search!

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If you love watching Spongebob + his friends, then we have some good news for you! Read on to know more about Nickelodeon’s evening treats on 20-24 July, and the Bikini Bottom Party happening this Saturday, 18 July at SM Megamall!

Kids and kids-at-heart are about to have a lot of underwater fun this July as Nickelodeon treats everyone to a SpongeBob SquarePants spectacular! From July 20-24, tune in to Nickelodeon and enjoy the evening with SpongeBob, Patrick, and the rest of the gang for two whole hours every day, starting at 6:00 pm until 8:00 pm. We know watching our favourite characters from Bikini Bottom get silly and crazy is already such a thrill in itself, but that’s not even half the fun! Every day, the two-hour marathon will feature eight characters from the show. The real excitement begins at the end of the last episode, when you can finally get in on the action. It’s also where it gets tricky, because not only would you have to remember all eight characters you spent the evening with, but you also have to start hunting them down—on your computer! Be sure to catch a quick instruction on TV at the end of the marathon, then go online to play the Ultimate Bikini Bottom Buddy Search. Find the SpongeBob poster image and spot all the eight characters of the day! You might need to borrow dad’s magnifying glasses for this one, because there sure is a big Bikini Bottom party going on in there, and could get pretty crowded in the neighbourhood. By the end of the week, if you were able to find all 40 of SpongeBob’s friends and have managed to clear all five levels of the online game, you’ll a get chance to unlock an exclusive never-before-seen SpongeBob SquarePants episode online! You could also win awesome prizes and get to create your own Bikini Bottom resident. How’s that for an under the sea adventure?

If you have not made any plans for the weekend, here is a great way to spend the afternoon with family and friends:

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Nickelodeon’s SupahSummahHapon Hangout is here to save your Summer!

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If you think summer is hot, wait ‘til you see the exciting line-up of shows waiting for you over at the Nickelodeon! Now that school’s out, it’s easy to get bored and mope around the house with nothing to do. So, let Nickelodeon save summer withSupahSummahHapon Hangout and enjoy the rest of the school break with the coolest guys and gals of Nickelodeon for two hours every day, starting at 4pm.

Nickelodeon wants you to make the best out of summer, and its latest offering of fun and entertaining shows promises a summer like no other. The gang from Sam & Cat, The Haunted Hathaways, Every Witch Way and the brand new series Bella & the Bulldogs will keep you company and make you LOL and ROFL every afternoon up until May 29.

Fun + Entertaining Shows

Go on a wacky adventure with best friends Sam and Cat. Being a teenager doesn’t come cheap so they start a babysitting business for extra money—and this is where all the fun and craziness begins. Watch the unlikely duo as they find themselves in one hilarious circumstance after another—their funny mishaps are sure to make your day.

Mix a little family fun with ghostly adventures and what do you get? The Haunted Hathaways, no less. Silly little wars between the living and the dead ensue after sisters Taylor and Frankie and their mom Michelle move in to a home occupied by three ghosts—brothers Louie and Miles, and their dad Ray. Laugh at the funny ways they solve their conflict using supernatural powers and amusing human tactics.

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