a johnson’s baby shower up for grabs

grabbed this photo from mummy nora of embrace life
nuffnang sent me an invite to join the johnson’s baby press launch at the makati intercontinental hotel. thinking i wasn’t able to attend the first event they invited me to, i RSVPed right away, expressing my desire to join. so that wednesday morning, we buckle up for quite a long drive, tackle the necessary evil that is edsa traffic and trooped to makati with jared in tow. am only too glad daddy was able to squeeze us in his otherwise full schedule so he can drop us off at the event venue and fetch us afterwards!
this is the first time i’ll be attending a nuffnang event and what a great way to begin but with johnson’s baby products and i was thinking “do they have a new product coming out in the market soon?”. see  i am a johnson’s baby myself, come to think of it everyone in the family is,  and i can’t remember the first time i used it, and am sure that if Ma is around she will tell me that the day i was born was the first time i used johnson’s baby products, still using some johnson’s baby products up to now. even my father used johnson’s baby cologne and it’s the first scent that comes to mind when i think of him.  
i remember the day i went shopping for jared’s stuff when i was 6 or 7 months pregnant with him, and i really can’t think of anything else to buy for baby products but johnson’s baby. i remember walking past every other baby brand and heading straight to the johnson’s baby products aisle and carting my very first purchase of baby powder, cornstarch powder, soap, wipes, cologne, shampoo, oil, lotion, to name a few.  johnson’s baby is really the brand to trust with my little one’s precious skin. turned out jared has very sensitive skin that we have to opt for specific baby products prescribed by his pedia, but still uses other johnson’s baby product like the baby oil and the soap (for his bum!) he has skin allergies from 2 to 8 months, but his skin seems doing fine now and am thinking of using other johnson’s baby products again!
i arrived to the venue a little before high noon and a warm and lovely Ms. Ann of nuffnang ushered me in to the second table from the front. and did i say i was sitting right across Mia, the mummy-in-chief of my fave magazine, Smart Parenting (which, by the way, is currently on newsstands now with their lovely november issue with the equally lovely tintin bersola and son, nio, on the cover)? too bad i was not able to take snapshots, see i only found out the digicam’s batt is dead when i arrived to the venue and i was checking my mailman bag! maybe i’ll get a chance in the next johnson’s baby event, who knows?!
this event also marks another first, since, normally, i would tag along someone whenever i bring jared to occasions so i can be free to move about as i please or when the need arises. today is an exemption since no one is available to tag along, but still there is a first for everything and am up for the challenge.  but challenge it is indeed. the people started with the scrumptious lunch and i was thinking “how am i suppose to carry my 13-kilo baby on one hand, lag my bag on the other shoulder and hold a plate all at the same time, much less scoop up dishes into it!” that is my dilemma and am only glad i met fellow mummy blogger karen of my so-called world. she was sitting right next to me and very grateful that she offered to get food for my rumbling tummy!
now on with the event..
brand manager for johnson’s baby, juan carlos garcia gives additional information on this brand so loved by many moms for over a century now. 

and it turned, this will also be the launch of the newest johnson’s baby product:
it will be very exciting to include johnson’s baby in your baby shower since it will be a part of the many firsts in your motherhood journey. celebrity mums, Lexi Schulze, Ria Tanjuatco-Trillo and first-time mum, Marielle Santos-Po shares their johnson’s baby shower experience. lucky attendees were also given a token from Marielle and Akiko Thompson‘s baby showers.

and the best part is johnson’s is giving away a free baby shower to three lucky mums to be, and we can even nominate a preggie friend if we so desire. hop on to their facebook page, johnson’s baby world of firsts, like it, and you could be on your way to having the johnson’s baby shower of your dreams or giving one to a friend. if only i am eligible i would readily nominate myself, i would love to experience a baby shower since i was not able to have one when i was pregnant with jared.  
johnson’s baby products basket were also distributed as mementos to participants but probably due to limited stocks only the first 12 nuffnangers were able to bring home their freebies, we are told that ours will be couriered to our homes instead, paging Ms. Trixie of nuffnang, haven’t received my package yet!
photo op with mummy fedhz, nora and mrs. kolca
i was able to meet up once again with other mummy bloggers from the first ever mummy blogger event i’ve attended and am delighted to see Mummies VanceMrs. Kolca, Joy and  Lace. and it is also nice to meet new mummy bloggers. Nice to know you Mummy Nora, Karen, Fehdz, Mimi, Lourdes and Czaroma.
thanks to nuffnang and johnson’s for a wonderful afternoon of fun, food and firsts. here’s to more baby products launch in the future.
note: photos are grabbed with permission. many thanks to Mummy Karen and Mummy Nora.

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