october top commenters

thank you, top commenterstime again to thank all my online titas {+ titos, if there are any :)} for leaving their adorable comments in my posts. to tell you the truth, we enjoy reading your comments {mum read all of them, of course, for now} + we look forward to checking our dashboards each day in the hope that one {or more} of you left some comment love 😀

so, thank you so much to my october’s top commenters. thank you for the fun thoughts + for your precious time 🙂 the top 2 commenters {usually the ones with a medal in them} badge will be featured in my sidebar all month long as my little way of saying thanks 🙂

Mommy Jes Mommy Jes (7) Top Commentator Award

mai mai (6)Top Commentator Award

i am vince crispaul i am vince crispaul (4)
rachelle rachelle (3)
gagay gagay (2)
Iris by Shengkay Iris by Shengkay (2)
Nancy Nancy (2)

thank you image from http://www.thehealthylifecoach.com

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