Manulife’s Bundle Of Joy: First Step To Securing Your Family’s Future

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The arrival of a newborn is an important milestone for parents – a joyous occasion for every Filipino family. This is the time when parents receive baby gifts, child care tips from family and friends, and more importantly, the privilege of helping nurture new life into the world.

Being a new parent means having your littlest loved one depend on you for everything. To help expectant parents or parents of newborns journey into their new life stage, Manulife Philippines has now made life insurance more accessible through its “Bundle of Joy” advocacy. Anyone who wants to build a more secure future for themselves and their family is invited to be a part of Manulife’s Bundle of Joy community by signing up to

Expectant moms and dads, and parents of children under one year of age are entitled to a FREE one-year term life insurance coverage worth PhP 100,000. Furthermore, everyone who registers online can also access good reads and helpful tips from experts, join various promotions and win exciting prizes and freebies.

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kids in doodles: building blocks of fun!

hello again playmates! we have been away in a while for so many reasons + we are just happy to be making another kids in doodles post.

we were out earlier this week to watch the film frozen  and to take a stroll in the mall, which we have not done in a while. we’ve visited the toy store + saw these cool toys that i hope my parents will get me for christmas. we also saw this cool toy fair by  nickelodeon where those who will purchase toys will get the chance to have to meet + greet their favorite nick characters, including raphael + michelangelo of teenage mutant ninja turtles. unfortunately, we cannot stay around longer for the meet + greet, so we passed up on this chance.

anyway, we pass by a couple of kid-friendly shops as mum is on a mission to get me a new shirt + pants {probably shoes, too!} just in time for christmas, and while on our way to yet another store, we passed by this lego shop. they have a lot of  cool items on display. but what caught my attention was this table filled with a lot of lego pieces, which i think they have set up to encourage curious tots like me to stick around much longer while tinkering on lego blocks.

it sure is one enjoyable experience. i have stacked up too many lego pieces one after another that the tower i was builder collapsed + most of the pieces fell to the ground. good thing mum helped me picked them all up. i would’ve loved to stay much longer but it was time to move on to another shop.

join us this week + share your colorful doodles with us. do not forget to include one of badges here + visit our other playmates to make our game more fun + enjoyable. will be waiting for your entries then. have a great day! 🙂

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jared’s little corner’s pasko sa agosto 2013 giveaway!

did you know that I got my po stuffed toy from pasko sa agosto 2011? mum won it from from mommy rubz who started this giveaway caravan to give back something to their loyal followers. it has been one of my faves ever since, that is why i am so delighted to share that this giveaway is back + that we are participating in it! 😀

about the prize

i am giving away this cool + nifty aqueduck to a lucky winner.   mum won this from another blog giveaway she joined about two months ago. i would’ve loved to use it since i am sure i will enjoy washing my hands in the faucet with it, but our faucet is of different kind,  the ones that stand taller that there is simply no need for an aqueduck to guide the water onto my small, chubby digits. am sure someone out there might be needing one just like it at home so this is your chance to win one! 🙂

why you’d want to win this? here are a number of reasons:
1. the Aqueduck are a fool-proof way to help your child reach the faucet so he can wash his hands at home or in public
2. it was designed for kids by a loving mum
3. it is pretty easy to clean and wash contains no harmful chemicals like Phthalates or PVC
5. it is BPA-free
6. and it can fit most faucets around

about our giveaway

pasko sa agosto giveaway caravan is created to make it easy-peasy for the joiners to join so we have pretty simple giveaway mechanics. only the first task is mandatory + the rest is optional {but i suggest you complete them all for more chances of winning! ;)}this giveaway is open to everyone who has a philippine mailing address, 18 years old + up. this runs from 07 august until mum’s birthday, 28 august. winners will be announced on the 31st. i hope you all join, just use the giveaway tools widget below. good luck + an awesome august to all! 😀
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How to Plan A Frugal Baby Shower

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Planning a baby shower can become expensive and time consuming if you are not careful. First, you have to coordinate and finance the baby shower invitations, then you have to feed and entertain the guests. You also have to decorate the home according to the event. You are probably thinking “There is no way I can afford this,” but you are incorrect and here is why: frugality. Making frugal choices no matter what  you are doing in life will save you money. Here are some suggestions to planning frugal baby shower. You can use the money that was saved on the baby shower to give to the expecting mother.

Tip 1: Do Not Go Extravagant with the House Decorations

This is the part of planning that requires your creativity. To save money, you will need to find items that you already have in the home and make them work for your decorations. Twelve rolls of toilet paper, some ribbon, and potpourri go a long way. Do not go out and spend a penny on anything that you do not need. If you can create a sensational visual image that suits the occasion without a huge shopping spree, go for it. If not, search in inexpensive places such as dollar stores to find the decorations. You are only using these decorations for one day, so there really is not a need for expensive ones.

Tip 2: Buy Inexpensive Baby Shower Invitations

There is no need to spend a ridiculous amount of money on invitations when there are companies offering very cheap copies. After all, it does not matter how fancy the invitations are. You can write additional information on the card if you feel the need to add something special. For now, focus on cutting the costs.

Tip 3: Have an Appetizer Bonanza

Your visitors are not pregnant, so there is no reason to see to it that every last one of them has something from each food group. The shower is most likely going to last two hours, so all you really need is a large quantity of snack items: tortilla chips with dip, celery sticks and ranch or blue cheese dressing, deviled eggs, crackers and peanut butter, or popcorn shrimp. Even popcorn is a good idea for this occasion.

The main idea is to do your planning intelligently. Remember that the occasion is to welcome a new soul into the world. A new baby is something to rejoice, but you can rejoice without splurging. Make sure that the mother to be is happy with the shower and you will have done a splendid job.

Heather is a blogger and party planner extraordinaire. She loves coming up with creative ideas for all party budgets, especially celebrations of new life! Be sure to check out her blog, Party Smarty Online.

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$200 PishPosh Baby Gift Card Giveaway

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welcome to the Pish Posh Baby $200 gift card giveaway!!! Everything Mommyhood and Jared’s Little Corner has teamed up with a great group of bloggers to offer this to our readers and fans!

this giveaway is hosted by: Everything Mommyhood

and sponsored by: Pish Posh Baby

special thanks go out to our co-hosts: Mommy Knows What’s Best, Chronically Content, My Four Littles, Leetle Baby, Charis By Design, and Indisposable Mama and all of the other hard working bloggers helping promote this great giveaway!

when you have a baby, it pays to have the right gear and products to help you + your baby along, especially when you are the type of mum who tag along your little one to just about anywhere, just like my mum! for very little babies, you need strollers, baby carriers or car seats, to do just that while making sure that your little one is safe while on the go. now here is your chance to win for yourself a $200 gift card from Pish Posh Baby, which you can use to shop for cool and awesome baby travel gears as well as other cool baby products!

about our sponsor

Pish Posh Baby is a high end baby store, online + also has a physical store located in jackson, nj! their store is unlike any other, they have a car INSIDE their store to try out car seats for installation. they also have different tracks/terrain to try out different baby strollers!

Pish Posh Baby features brands such as Britax, Chicco, Bugaboo, Baby Jogger, Petunia Pickle Bottom, Ergo Baby, Bumbleride, Stokke, Peg Perego, Boon, Maclaren, + much much more. they sell car seats, strollers, baby carriers, breast pumps, baby bedding, diaper bags, cribs, and tons of other great items! anything you need for your baby, they have it available.

possibilities are endless with a $200 gift card to their store!check out Pish Posh Baby online!

One Lucky Winner will win a $200 gift card!
open to US Residents 18 and up ONLY
Void Where Prohibited
All winning entries WILL be verified
Giveaway runs until 07 July, 2013 at 11:59pm EST

Disclosure: This giveaway is not associated with, affiliated with, endorsed by, sponsored by, or connected to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or any other social media platform in any way. Social media outlets are in no way responsible for sponsor prize fulfillment. The sponsor alone is responsible for fulfilling the aforementioned prize. Jared’s Little Corner did not receive compensation for posting this giveaway. Your information will not be shared with anyone without your explicit consent. This giveaway event is hosted by Darci from Everything Mommyhood. You can contact Darci at with any questions, concerns, or to your company featured on an Everything Mommyhood.

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