upclose + personal with ben 10

toddler, my favorite things, ben 10
it was my kuya sean who introduced me to ben tennyson + his 10 alien friends. we’d spend our afternoons watching his adventures on the telly. he’d fight off baddie aliens from outer space with his cousin, gwen, + their other friends. you’d think sometimes that because of all the fights + the injuries ben inflicted on his enemies, he might need to hire one of those phoenix dui attorneys one day to represent him in court, if in case all those nasty aliens decided to sue him! 🙂

toddler, my favorite things, ben 10

anyways, i finally managed to meet ben 10 face-to-face for the first time last month! mum, tita + i are invited to visit the nido fortified science discovery center {our second time} + what do you know, they’ve invited ben as one of their special guests! a lot of kids like me are delighted when ben showed up + we wasted no time in having our photos taken with our favorite hero, + shook his hands, too! i never wanted to leave his side ’cause i wanted to play with him more! i only gave in when mum promised we’d take the balloon ride nearby afterwards!we’ve also seen a lot of amazing things at the nido center + i shall tell you all about it in my next post.

toddler, my favorite things, ben 10

it was one thrilling adventure to meet your favorite heroes + something that i totally enjoy! look, i even got a chance to participate in finishing this huge ben 10 puzzle! nice to know you, ben! 😉 hopefully i will get to meet more of your friends soon. 😉

the first image on the last photo is courtesy of mommy peach ♥

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  1. What can be more exciting than meeting your favorite cartoon character in the flesh! I’m sure that’s a day you won’t soon forget…

  2. I wasn’t really aware about Ben 10 character until my 3 year old nephew asked to buy him a shirt with this design last year. Now, he’s still wearing it and become his instant favorite shirt.

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