kids in doodles: riding the electronic jeep

welcome to this week’s kids in doodles. am sure you have been totally confused by now as to which day our meme actually comes up. mum + i were a bit busy, you see, but she makes it a point to put it up every week, even when there’s only too few who joined. 🙁 simply check here from time to time, as mum sometimes had to do other tasks before putting k.i.d. up. better yet, you can subscribe to our blog via email so that you will always be updated once the post is up! 🙂

kids in doodles, out + about, cars + other vehicles, green

now on to this week’s kids in doodles!

i am still sick today + still suffering from a bad cough. i had to come face-to-face again with the nebulizer, which i totally dislike. my cough is giving me such a hard time to breathe + mum said i had to take the inhilation medicine so i can be well again. too bad i’ve missed going to the zoo + going to activefun later today with my cousins. but mum promised we’d do something special over the weekend, so i am really hoping i will be well by the time.

kids in doodles, out + about, cars + other vehicles

anyway, am sharing with you this fun experience i had not too long ago.  we went to makati several weeks ago for an errand + mum + i saw this interesting green jeep. mum said it runs on electricity instead of the normal jeeps which run on gasoline. really interesting, right? the nice lady who drives it was kind enough to suggest that mum let me ride so that she can take my photo in it. what do you think? mum was just not able to capture the entire jeepney as she was standing just right beside it on the side street.

we would’ve wanted to ride the jeep but it was going the other route to sm makati and we were headed to another direction, the makati post office. hopefully, we will get the change to ride this very green jeepney some other day! 🙂

share your awesome doodle with us using the linky below. see you around + have a wonderful day!

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  1. i hope you’re well by now, jared. it’s really hard for us, moms, when one of our kids is sick. so get well soon, so you could enjoy going out again. i’m glad you’re able to go places and experience a lot of things with your mum.

    1. i am well now, tita. thanks! ^_^ yup, i guess, it was also what mum wanted that i get to experience a lot of great things to make my life more colorful! ^_^

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