kids in doodles: easter celebration

kids in doodles, out + about, weekend, family time, easter

hello everyone how are you all doing today, as usual mum is posting this week’s k.i.d. a bit late but i still do hope you will join us + share your easter celebration stories with us! 🙂 there were no easter bunny and only one easter egg when we celebrated easter last sunday, but mum did promised that we’d go out + visit the mall so we did! i had been under the weather for a couple of days already + mum was just delighted that i am finally well again!

kids in doodles, out + about, weekend, family time, easter

although i did not participate in any easter egg hunt, i still had a wonderful time spending an afternoon with mum + later on with tita cecille. we’ve gone out quite late since i really do not like to go out when the sunshine is too much + it is really hot outside, so we waited for a few more hours and left in the afternoon.

kids in doodles, out + about, weekend, family time, easter

i played in this soft play area for kids + had a wonderful time bouncing around and trying their inflatable slides. there are also other kids playing at the time, making my playtime more enjoyable!an added treat was when i saw my favorite, jollibee, when we went to his store for dinner. i have been craving for chicken joy for a few days so mum agreed that we eat there that day! i even got an easter egg from jollibee, how cool is that?

kids in doodles, out + about, weekend, family time, easter

i am sure you had a great easter celebration, too, so do not forget to share it with us. do link up + visit the other participants {which i hope will increase in numbers soon! :P} to double our fun! enjoy your weekend! 😀

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    1. mum decided against going to easter egg hunt activities since most of them are tad away from our place, hopefully we can do it next year!

      thanks again for joining, we missed you around here! 😀

  1. Nice Easter Celebration. We haven’t really celebrated aside from going to church. There were no Easter Bunnies too and egg hunts for us but we had good family time as we celebrated Jesus’ resurrection.

    And yes, better not go out when the sun is up ’cause it’s way too hot lately.

  2. i’m glad you got to enjoy Easter Sunday even without the egg hunt. Jollibee is really a kid’s bestfriend, isn’t here. sorry for visiting so late, jared. been caught up in soo many things.:)

  3. Your little man had a Happy easter, indeed. Rem likes it at Kiddy’s also, she’s got about 4 artworks from there already. Belated happy easter,

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