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this is one of my online playmates iris, she is 2 years old + 9 months now + she is in need of our help. you see my friend here was born with a hole in her heart. she needs to undergo surgery to close this hole in order for her to live healthier + longer.

in behalf of her mum, we are asking your kind heart to donate whatever amount you can to help fund iris’ heart surgery. she needs to raise php500 ,000 within 2 months to cover the expense of her operation + medical expenses.

you may send your donations via paypal to she_apuhin (at) yahoo dot com or send it to unionbank eon account number 1094 5192 9159 you can also check out other ways on how you can send in your donations in this note here.

i do hope you will be kind enough to help our friend. thank you!

image is from iris’ mum’s facebook profile

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  1. Hello Jared! thanks for sharing the word..appreciate it a lot! mwah..regards to mommy i wish i could visit you and your moms blog ng madalas..but me and mama is busy with offline world. regards 🙂 thanks again!

    1. don’t mention it! i wish we can do so much more than share this on a post. i hope you are feeling much better. regards to your mum + good luck on all your medical examinations. be strong + always know that God is watching after you + your mum! ^_^

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