How To Have A More Productive Morning With Your Kids

If you are like most families, getting everyone up in the morning can be a struggle. Getting the kids out of bed and off to school can sometimes take all of your energy and it feels like you haven’t accomplished much, even if your morning lasted two or three hours. So, how can you have more productive mornings with your kids? There are some terrific ideas out there, and we will be going over five of the best. These five suggestions just might allow you to get more accomplished during the morning hours.

Fix a Good Breakfast

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The first thing that you want to do if you want everyone to be productive is to fix a good breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, as you have undoubtedly heard over and over, but in the case of productivity it definitely holds true. If you have breakfast first thing in the morning before anyone does anything else, it gives your family a chance to touch base and prepare for a morning that is productive.

Create a Routine

Our second suggestion is to create a routine that you can follow every morning. Routines sometimes take a while to establish, but once you are able to develop those habits, you will see yourself getting things done much easier. Rather than letting your mornings be a free-for-all, consider making times when your children should be having breakfast, showering, checking their homework and school backpacks for the day, or any other activities that you want to add to your schedule. If your kids know what time they’re expected to do things, you’re still going to have to prod them, but they may develop good habits after some time.

Concentrate on One Task at a Time

children, tips and tricks, raising children, parenting

You should also consider concentrating on one task at a time instead of multitasking. Most people that multitask do not get as much accomplished as someone that takes each activity and works on it until it is done. When you begin an activity, you engage your brain and the longer you do the activity, the faster you go. But getting started is the biggest difficulty. When you multitask, you have to get started every single time. Make a list of the things that you must do or that you want to accomplish in the morning and then complete them one at a time ~ the same goes for your kids.

Have a No-Phones Rule in the Morning

Another great way to promote productivity is to make a rule that no one can use their phones in the mornings. This may be difficult for some people, particularly if you need to communicate with your job using your phone. In addition, most teenagers cannot live without their phones, so depending upon the age your kids are at; you may be in for a battle. However, spending less time on the phone, using social media or browsing the web can mean getting a lot done.

Change the Alarm Clock

children, tips and tricks, raising children, parenting

Finally, if you have a hard time getting your kids up in the morning, then you may want to change their alarm clock. The problem is, most kids set their phone alarm to music. This may not even wake them up or it may not wake them up enough to get moving quickly. But if you were to replace their phone alarm with an old-fashioned alarm clock, the jarring tone might just get them out of bed faster and that means that you can have a greater chance of getting more things done in the mornings.

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