Advantages Of Being A Work-At-Home Parent

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Daniel Cheung

Being a work-at-home parent has many advantages and is a true blessing. For example, running a home office will provide you with several unique advantages that will often translate in saving money, having more spare time for your children, and avoiding the neurotic modern commuter’s lifestyle.

Here’s a run-down of the best reasons why work-at-home parenting just makes sense:

You can work from anywhere

The most obvious benefit of working at home is the flexibility; you get to make your own schedule and adapt your routine to your workload and vice-versa. This can be particularly useful when raising a child, since it means you’ll have the time and energy to do proper parenting, rather than having to sacrifice your ideals to keep up with your office duties.

You may be able to eliminate or reduce child care cost

Since working at home often means you will be able to get by without any need to hire child care services that will invariably let you save a lot of money! Not to mention that you will have the luxury of raising your children yourself, rather than having to rely on external assistance that often comes with a hefty price tag.

kids, tips and tricks, grown up stuff, parenting
Daniel Cheung

You get to spend more time with your children

The real challenge with modern parenting is that most parents simply don’t have spare time for bonding with their kids, which can lead to all kinds of unfortunate repercussions down the road. As a work at home parent, you will actually have time and energy to spend with your children, watch them grow, and be there for them emotionally as as well as mentally.

Working at home saves on commuting and other costs

One of the best aspects of working at home is how you don’t have to rush out of the house early in the morning to dive deep in the hectic urban traffic, which also means you will actually avoid lots of expenses that typically come with the commuting territory. You’ll spend a lot less money on gas, on eating breakfast, snacks and lunch outside, and you may even be able to get by without need for a car and its endless string of expenses.

The added flexibility may enable you to make positive lifestyle changes

When you don’t have to waste countless hours just running back and forth to get to the office on time and pick up the kids from school and doing countless other chores on a very strict schedule while having your telephone headsets perpetually ringing… that also means you will have spare time that you can use to make some positive changes in your life! You can start doing regular exercise, or get into a meditation routine, maybe take up a new hobby with your kids… there are countless possibilities here that simply wouldn’t be available if you were working on a traditional office.

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  1. One other nice thing to add, we don’t have to dress to kill! I do meetings with my PJs on! 😀 😀 #blessedtobeworkingfromhome

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