Dressing Up As Harry Potter

Mum recently re-posted this photo of me from several Halloweens ago when I dressed as Harry Potter. This is to commemorate the glorious 20 years of our favorite wizard of all! My mum + her siblings’ fascination for the wizarding world of JK Rowling is slowly rubbing in on me + I think it won’t be long now until I read our hardbound books! It is just waiting for when I am ready for their pages! But I have already seen the film versions a number of times! 🙂

For this costume, we got a ready-made black robe from a shop in the city center + borrowed my tito‘s wand. For the finishing touch, we bought the rimmed-glass from a vendor in the market for Php20 {about $0.39} and viola, I transformed into Harry! Do you think I look like him? 🙂

It is only several months before Halloween + I hope I’d still fit into the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Raphael costume mum got me earlier this year. I will wear it to the Halloween celebration in school or if not, mum promised we’d join a local Trick Or Treat activity so I can wear my costume. I am excited! Who are you going to be this Halloween? 🙂

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kids in doodles: trick or treat at playschool

kids in doodles, playschool, halloween, toddlers
kids in doodles, playschool, halloween, toddlers
it is time for another round of kids in doodles + it is all about halloween!

i was sick for the last week + it was a good thing i was a lot better, just in time for the trick or treat party at my playschool.  for this year i went as the caped crusader, batman! i sure like this costume from last year + it still fits! 🙂

kids in doodles, playschool, halloween, toddlers

a lot of my playmates are clad in their favorite superheroes ~ wonder woman + super girls, while others came in peter pan, prince + fairy costumes. we all look fancy! {that’s kim + fina, with me in the photo}

kids in doodles, playschool, halloween, toddlers

apart from the colorful costumes, we also made this cool frankestein paper mask out of paper cut-outs! what do you think?

kids in doodles, playschool, halloween, toddlers

after our recess, we had an exciting ghost hunt + pin-the-spider-legs game. i only manage to find one ghost, though, but i was able to paste all of the spider’s 8 legs!

we also had a piñata filled with candies + our teacher even prepared a treat bag for everyone! we all had a wonderful time!

how’s your trick or treat activities this year? share your colorful stories with us + let’s make this game even better by visiting the other playmates!

happy halloween! 🙂

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kids in doodles: trick or treating with my cousins

kids in doodles, Halloween, trick or treat, kids
yup kids in doodles is up a bit late this week, but i do hope you’re all ready with your posts this lazy friday morning. before anything else, you might want to check out how our k.i.d participants last week celebrated their halloweens:

♥ sam + simon went to a school halloween party at maithankfulheart

♥ kuya kendrick dressed as batman for a halloween costume party down at smart boys

now onto this week’s topic. to join all you have to do is tell us all abou your trick or treating experiences this year!

kids in doodles, Halloween, trick or treat, kids

it was the first time i’ve donned a costume so mum was really so thrilled. it was also the first time i’ve gone trick or treating with my cousins + we really had a blast! i totally enjoyed being batman even when the costume tends to be a bit hot + i was perspiring like crazy in an air-conditioned room. the only set back, though, was that i got really scared of my cousins. kuya sean dressed as dracula + ate shane came as a scary white lady. i did not want to get near them in the beginning! 😀

the place was my tita’s office + some of her officemates’ kiddos joined in the halloween festivities! we played games {even mum played one + won}, took photos + ate. i only got a few bites of my friend chicken since i was busy being batman + playing with other kids, too!

kids in doodles, kids, Halloween, trick or treat

+ look who joined in all the fun! Jollibee prepared a fun dance number for us + went trick or treating with us, too! we rounded up all the tables in the office downstairs + even paid a visit to their warehouse next door.

kids in doodles, Halloween, kids, trick or treat

the highlight of the event will have to be the awarding of the winners for best costume. all three of us won. my cousins won second best costume + i won third place for best costume for male. not bad for a green horn, won’t you agree?

kids in doodles, kids, Halloween, trick or treat

it was really an experience i totally enjoyed. i think i won’t mind wearing a costume for every halloween from now on! i came home with a pumpkin full of candies, but i will leave those goodies for the grown-ups. the best part of my loot this year will have to be the bubbles which came in with my 3rd best costume prize! ^_^

now time for you to share your trick or treat adventure. don’t forget to grab one of these badges + add it to your posts + visit the other participants, too! i will wait for your entries then! happy friday boys + girls!

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kids in doodles: happy halloween!

kids in doodles, Halloween, occasions

it is a monday once again + it is time for another round of doodles but before anything else, here is a round up last week’s kids in doodles participant:

♥ read about sam’s 7th birthday celebration

♥ check out another birthday celebrant in iris joehanna’s world

that out of the way, time to share with you about our topic for this week: happy halloween! 

kids in doodles, Halloween, occasions

 i bet every little boy + girl like me are in a frenzy because of the halloween. have you gone to many trick or treats already? have you decided which scary or fancy costume to wear? i’ve gone to one whimsical halloween party over the weekend + i’ve seen superheroes + princes + princesses at the party. a halloween party without anything to scare any kid out is quite a welcome break! too bad we were not able to get a costume for me since it was raining most of the time last week + we were not able to check out shops to buy anything. so i just wore my favorite lightning mcqueen shirt to the party. check out the fun photos mum took 😉

kids in doodles, Halloween, occasions

i particularly had a wonderful time. the place is really magical. they have beautiful drawings of a car + a bus on the wall, which i can help but check out again + again! i also enjoyed dancing to the beats that were playing all through out the party +  had a lot of fun playing with other children, as well, even when i was not officially joining the parlor games 🙂 even mum had a grand time decorating our halloween cake! i even get to take home a pumpkin basket full of goldilocks goodies! 😉

if halloween parties are this fun, i think i can get used to them! 😀

time for you to share your stories about halloween + if you have photos of you in fun + scary costumes, feel free to share that, too! do not forget to include one of the badges here on your post + to link it up with us. visit our other playmates, too + do not forget to leave comments on their doodles, as well!

that’s about it. i shall wait for your posts then + happy halloween boys + girls!

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kids in doodles: my first trick or treat

trick or treat, halloween, kids, toddlers, kids in doodles
not really what you'd call a costume...

last week, mum + I {while dad waited in the car :)} went to my first ever trick or treat. but, no, i was not wearing any costumes as i am a little squirmy to wear one + mum seem to think i was still very little for one. so, i just wore my favorite white muscle shirt + topped it with a hand-me-down polo {from my kuya sean} + paired them with my new shorts {we got this one when we went for my haircut 2 weeks’ back}. it was my boy-next-door look mum said 🙂

trick or treat, halloween, kids, toddlers, kids in doodles

when we got to the place, it was swarming with little kids in scary costumes + weird make-ups. i was scare with this particular kid wearing a scream mask. it was really scary so i was careful not to stand too close beside him. besides he was really trying to scare me by staring at me + trying to call me so i’d go near him! hah! no way 😀

the afternoon was filled with fun + laughter. plus it was also a whole new experience for me to go around tita‘s office for trick or treat. i am not much into candies since i don’t really eat most of them, so it was mum who’d get all my treats {+ get to eat them in when we got home too! :)}

Trick or treat, kids, Kids in doodles, play, halloween

there were games, + prizes, too,  for the bigger kids + a pair of clowns even arrived to entertain us, perform some magic + made some balloons. i got a balloon sword but i accidentally squashed it against the car so it popped!

Trick or treat, kids in doodles
with tita's officemates + the clowns 😛

everybody enjoyed the afternoon, i did, too. even if i was not able to participate in the games since i am still a bit smaller. snacks were also given away along with prizes for best in costume {for one girl + one boy}.

maybe, next year, i will be more interested in the treats + the parlour games + who knows mum might even convince me to wear a wizard or a russell {from up!} costume!

this is my kids in doodles story for this week, what’s yours? tell + link up with us here 🙂

K.I.D., Kids In Doodles

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