mommy + me monday: + mum steals a kiss!


since i shared my very first kiddie fun ride experience a little while back, i want to share a couple of more photos we had back then. this time it was a photo of me + mum, whilst we line up for the queue to the funranch express. this snapshot was taken by my tita cecille.
the wait for the train ride took a while so we took the chance to snap some photos + mum even managed to sneak in + still a kiss from me. please don’t mind my hair, especially my bangs, it was one of those few occasions when mum is in the mood for another diy cut-my-baby’s-hair episodes, this is one of those that obviously went bad! 😉


join others as they share precious mummy + me photos today, simply click on the badge! happy monday everyone! 😉


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7 Responses to “mommy + me monday: + mum steals a kiss!”

    Mars @ The Life Encounters Says:

    Awww…. Don't worry Jared. You'll get used to your mommy stealing kisses from you. 😉 And don't worry about the hair, it'll grow back. ^_^

    Yes, but it’s better he get a haircut regularly 🙂

    Sneaky mommy! They always steal the kisses!

    Mom loves to kiss their kids 🙂

    i can imagine how the little boy react during your hair cutting session hihi

    wow nice naman, you migrated already, ako kaya kelan? ahaha

    Your mommy is certainly sweet! Aside from showering you with kisses she created your own blog you can read & reminisce when you get older 😉

    Now your mom stole kiss from you. That’s because you also steal kiss on her haha


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