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This weeks topic is

 – Tackle It! –.

This weeks prompt is to tell us about a chore/project/job you’ve been putting off or recently completed.  Why did you put it off?  What are the steps to completion?  How did you feel once it was done?
am glad i stumble upon this prompt from bloggy moms, it inspired me to take some action and hopefully finish some of the stuffs that i have been putting off for a while now (namely doing the laundry, cleaning the bathroom, and little cleaning here and there that have accumulated in the past week due to my inaction or just plain lazyness!) and make a blog out of it!

the thought of cleaning the bathroom is a dread in itself, but the other day i just went ahead and get on with the task.  some grime and dirt have gathered in nooks and crannies in the bathroom since the last time it was cleaned.  i worry too much that my son, now having to bathe in the bathroom since he is really bigger, as opposed to lagging his bathtub in the sink and bathing him there, might catch something from the bathroom cause every time i bathe him he would touch the floor tiles or run his little, chubby fingers on the wall and that would send me to spasms of fear, my mind blaring “this is the filthiest part of the house, don’t you dare touch that thing!”.  but i guess, we can’t help it, babies are born curious and they have this urge to explore their surrounding and whatever they see in there, so i just let him explore the loo and the germs that go about with it whilst keeping my fingers crossed!

now, i know that i have put off that task unnecessarily, swamped with the daily chores of mothering and housekeeping, there is just too much on my plate and the last thing i want to do is spend my afternoon  rendezvousing with the bathroom brush and lysol! but someone’s got to do the dirty work around somehow, right? so with less energy and even lesser enthusiasm, the other day right before i take a bath, i scrubbed, brushed the afternoon away, in the bathroom.  after 20 minutes or so, i paused and enjoyed my handy work. the bathroom is now spic and span and with a lemony scent, fab! 

well done, mummy, pat yourself on the back now! and cheers to less worries whenever my son takes a beeline to the bathroom.  the germfree bathroom should last us until early next week, after which i need to clean the bloody thing again! but that is for another post altogether, for now let me just revel in my success story, take a break and breathe in some fresh air.
Now, let me hear your story….

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