kids in doodles: my new haircut

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everyone will be quick to notice that my hair has really grown so long over a few months {i had my last haircut in may}, that some people even mistook me for a girl because of it. i guess, i cannot blame them. my hair grows so fast in a few months that we have not been to the salon 🙂

lucky for me {+ to end my discomfort of having long hair falling into my eyes}, we were able to go out for a haircut last thursday. mum + dad brought me to the place where i got my very first haircut {i also had my last haircut there}.

compared to my very first haircut {where i was very well-behaved + actually enjoyed the experience}, i was actually up on my toes the minute the barber touched my hair. i did not like the feeling of having a total stranger touched my hair, let alone spray some water in it + cut it. using the razor is probably the worst thing he’d ever done. i was clutching my mum the minute i heard the buzzing sound.

i was actually hugging my mum all the while. the barney video helped a bit to make me relax, but i guess what finally made me let my hair down are the bubbles that a lady helper made for my entertainment 🙂 you know how much i love bubbles, right?

all in all, it was a pleasant experience + i was very comfy after all the extra hair is gone. mum + dad failed to take some decent photos while my hair was being cut though as i was throwing a tantrum + mum was so occupied holding me in place while dad was busy trying to entertain me 🙂

this is my kids in doodles story for the week, join us and share your stories, too!

Kids In Doodles

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  1. 🙂 sometimes…mum and dad could be too engrossed with the whole experience that they also fail to remember that documentation has to be done at the same time… I share the same frustration…wish we could turn back time, d ba?

    Jared looks handsome with his new haircut… thanks for sharing your story and hosting the meme…

  2. pogi naman! Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it as you grow up.
    Zyc was also not comfortable with the razor more so of the sound when he was little. 🙂

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