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if you have been a regular visitor of my little corner, you must’ve noticed by now that i am really drawn to anything cars. i am also fascinated with the history + trivia relating to cars, like did you know that the first car or automobile, called Benz Patent-Motorwagen, was made in 1886 by German inventor Carl Benz? cool, right?

this interest not only include my favorite cartoon character, lightning mcqueen and his gang of interesting + colorful cars, but extends to other toy car, car collectibles, car racing arcade games + mobile up,+ real cars, as well. i think i got this from my dad, who also loves cars + dreams of me being a car racer when i grow up!

it was my dad who kindled this interest in cars when he’d tag me along to watch all those exciting honda race car videos on youtube. he is also quick to point out those awesome cars whenever we are out for a drive. just recently we saw this very cool lamborghini gallardo, as we passed by their showroom. i think it is really handsome!

apart from watching cars,i also enjoy it very much when we are out for a drive on my dad’s car! especially when he’d put my favorite song, sweet child o’ mine, on the player. sometimes when i am preoccupied with the scenery passing by, he’d put his player on fm radio to listen to current music or to one of those funny + interesting talk shows. i think they make car traveling much more interesting.

speaking of radio talk shows, here are a few interesting tidbits about car talk radio that people from created, i hope you learn something from it!

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