messy-go-round 05: cribs-a-mess

crib, playpen, baby, kids

i have this annoying habit (it is my mum who gets annoyed the most, but i simply love doing it! ;)) of scattering all the stuffs in my crib/playpen including my toys, the beddings, my comforter, the pillows + just about anything else that you can find in my crib. i simply delight in seeing them in topsy-turvy or sometimes, piled up in heaps on my bedroom floor. mum would painstakingly re-arrange everything afterwards, then i’d come scattering them again the next second. oh well, kids are probably just like that. we love to experiment, we love to get our tiny, chubby hands into anything we can grab + take a hold of. it’s so much fun! ;D

my mess actually look a little decent in this photo, really? haha!

mess is fun! how about you what have you been messing lately? 😀



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june top commenters

Thank you, blocks

mum can’t seem to figure out how the top commentators plug-in works in my blog, cause she had the same one in hers + it worked just fine. in my case, she cannot exclude the admins so I’d end up having her as top commenter. well anyway, apart from my mum, here are the people who’ve dropped by + left their comments to my blog in june. thanks to you all!

  1. jared joy (3)Top Commentator Award
  2. Mommy jes Mommy jes (3)Top Commentator Award
  3. Krystyn Krystyn (2)
  4. air air (1)
  5. arcee arcee (1)
  6. Bridget Brannon Bridget Brannon (1)
  7. Cielo of Brown Pinay Cielo of Brown Pinay (1)
  8. Dinah Dinah (1)

i will put the Top 2 commenters’ badge on my sidebar + since i am posting this late yet again, i will have the badges placed there for one whole month. that’s it for now, i hope to see you again soon here in my little corner 🙂


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my orange books

orange, books

these are my wipe-and-clean orange books, the one with the indian boy is a book on big letters + the other one with the cow in it is a book on small letters. it contains pictures + drawings about letters. i enjoy looking at these photos + one time i even get to try my crayons on them. what is good about these books, apart from their fun + cheerful color, is that i can draw in them + mum would have no trouble erasing them to be spic ‘n span again. all she has to do is wipe off the markings with wet wipes, thus the name wipe-and-clean 😉

when i get a little bigger, these books will be great to practice on my reading too. for now, i content with staring at the photos + mum pointing out the stuffs to me + telling me what they are!

any orange stuffs you’d want to tell me about?

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colorful little sqwishies

Sqwishland toysa few weeks back, we won these colorful sqwishland toys from pinaymama (read the announcement here), they are cute little toy animals, there is a pig, a lion, a sheep, a dolphin + many more, + they come in different colors + are placed in different colored capsules, much like eggs! but, mum said, i cannot play with the toys so much since, they are a tad small for a todder like me + they are potential choking hazard, so mum would allow me to play with them a short while then she will give me other more age-appropriate toys that i can safely play with.

Sqwishland.comthese tiny animals in round capsules also come with tiny white paper strips which mum said are codes we can use + verify with + if we get lucky we might be winning prizes, too! but, sad to say, the only prizes we got are extra credits so we can buy stuffs in the game.

i have yet to see how the online game is played, mum tried it a couple of times but it was late at night when she did + i was fast asleep. i’m sure we will be playing again soon. i will surely enjoy the game as there are lots of colorful animals + characters there!

thanks to pinaymama + sqwishland for our colorful new toys! 😀


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kids in doodles 06: cool dude jared

baby, shadesi was just a few months old in these photos + it was one of those days when my dad, probably for lack of better things to do or maybe because he just finds me way too cute + adorable (don’t you agree?), volunteered me to try his sunglasses on. yup, the unwilling victim. what can i do, i was just a little tot here + there is only i can do to protest. but i guess, i enjoyed wearing dad’s shades since they were able to photograph me with it on.

baby, shades

nowadays, i simply refuse to try this glasses on, but would coax it on my dad’s whenever i got the chance to. oh, + did i mention, the shades are now lying in my dad’s car compartment, waiting to be glued together. yup, i managed to break it the last time i was playing with it + bugging my dad to wear it. my bad! i guess, dad just have to figure out how to put it together.  sorry sunnies, sorry dad 🙁


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