my colorful weekend at the wonka imaginarium

wonka imaginarium, colorful things, weekend, kids, toddlers, play

mum + i went to the wonka imaginarium last week + boy was it too much fun to go there! 😀 we are told to search for the rainbow which is used by the wonka factory to make the most delicious candies.

wonka imaginarium, kids, toddlers, play, weekend, colorful things

we first searched in the enchanted forest, where we encountered huge grasshoppers + lady bugs + the walking + talking tree that even exchanged high fives with me {i was afraid of it at first but mum told me not to + told me to approach it!}

colorful things, wonka imaginarium, weekend, toddlers, play

after that, we searched in a dark 3d closet to check if the rainbow was there. it felt like being in the sky with lights + the stars + the smoke. check out my huge shadow!

colorful things, weekend, wonka imaginariu, kids, toddlers, play

the next door led us to the kind-hearted purple witch who taught us different spells to help us find the rainbow + what do you know? after a few practice, we found it, at last!

wonka imaginarium, colorful things, toddler, play
colorful weekend 🙂

we were told to write our wishes on a piece of paper + put it on the rainbow wall. can you guess what mum wrote? she wished for us to go to hongkong disney land on my 7th birthday, cool, right? 😀

weekend, colorful things, wonka imaginarium, toddler, kids, play

it was so much fun! of course, i couldn’t care less about the candies strewn almost everywhere, as i am not eating much solids yet, but the other bigger kids + the grown ups, mum included, had a blast sampling the candies.

wonka imaginarium, weekend, kids, toddlers, play, colorful things
that's me trying to escape the purple witch 😀

i loved, too, that there were a lot of kids present. kids that i can play with. we enjoyed hanging at the fountain-side within the exhibit area.

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  1. When i was like you Jared i was also scared by these types of stuffs but you are very brave Jared+After the mom told you about the that huge grasshoppers you did not scared+that’s like a good boy.

  2. Looks like you had loads of fun, Jared! Candyholic love! Please forgive your Tita May for visiting late, ok? I am happy that you keep joining Colorful Weekend and I hope you keep doing so! I will have my Sophia and Zach hop on KID as much as possible. 😀

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