my new set of disney books

my favorite things, books, cartoons, cartoon characters, Disney

i simply love my disney characters. wreck-it ralph, woody and toy story gang, peter pan, nemo, + of course, lightning mcqueen + his car friends, are just some of my most favorites. this is probably the reason why mum ordered a bunch of disney hardbound books a few months back. these books are shipped to my ninang ella in the us and was shipped here in the philippines last august, just in time for my birthday! 😀

my favorite things, books, cartoons, cartoon characters, Disney

when we got home after picking up the package from my ninang‘s sister, irish, i immediately set out to open it + inspect each of my new books! i love them all! i also asked mum if we can read it right away. 😀

these disney books are now my favorite bedtime read. mum would read a couple of books before we go to sleep!

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  1. wow, i love those. I’m planning to expand our reading options. most of the books we read are tagalog and i’m sure my kids would love those. see you around, mum vix and jared!

    1. mum also plans to add tagalog books to our collection, hopefully we can get some one of these day. what tagalog books can you recommend?

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