4 Tips for Learning Chinese

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Do you dream of speaking fluent Chinese? Your fantasies can become reality a lot easier than you’d think. Here are just four tips for learning the Chinese language.

Use Mnemonic Devices

Instead of trying to remember lines and stroke orders for Chinese characters, take each one as its own separate picture. Create a story about it that connects it to its definition. For example, the character for “love” might be interpreted as a beating heart with multiple veins.

Enroll in Full Immersion Classes

Both you and your children can learn a lot from full immersion classes. Without the distractions of other languages, you’ll be free to both understand and appreciate the full complexities of Chinese. Click here to learn more about total immersion schools.

Group Vocabulary by Subject

Don’t try to learn words at random. Find something that interests you, like tea, nature or photography, and learn all the language that accompanies it. If you like sports, for example, you might learn the Chinese words for “ball,” “athlete” and “endurance.”

Practice, Practice, Practice

You’ll never become fluent if you only study once a week. Make it a point of reviewing your Chinese every single day, and don’t let a morning pass without adding at least one new word to your vocabulary. Slow and steady wins the race when it comes to language absorption.

Whether you’re traveling to Shanghai or just looking to understand wuxia without subtitles, these are four simple tips for learning and retaining the Chinese language. Good luck!

Jared Quips

Learn a new language and get a new soul. ~ Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

It must be really cool to learn another language. Chinese will prove to be a very practical one to learn as a lot of people speak this language, but I bet mum would really be thrilled if ever I decide to learn Frech or any of the Romance languages in the future.

What language would you like to learn soon?

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