Jared’s Little Corner Birthday Giveaway! updates

Jared's Little Corner Birthday Giveaway, giveaways, contest, announcementhello to all! this is just to update everyone about my birthday giveaway!

we now have 420 entries so far + we’ve also had these updates since our giveaway started in 03 august:

  1. added the badge of Jeff Aspacio’s Life as Experienced Daily in the major sponsors’ list + added working mama in the general sponsors
  2. fixed the links for Corsame Lane, Techie She,  GEORYL: Welcome to Our World + added new sponsors The Food and Travel Buff Hot Fun Stuffs
  3. informed that sponsors to this giveaway are also welcome to join the contest
  4. fixed the linky for Hot Fun Stuffs (something gone awry again with the linkies :( thanks sis Divine for the heads up :) ). + changed the Tweet message to “Join Jared’s Little Corner’s Birthday Giveaway! http://bit.ly/qxkA0R” + tag @vixquips“as well
  5. added Pinkvillle: Pink and MTG Convergence Zone as another sponsor to our giveaway

if you happen to be one of the entrants prior to these changes, please update your entries accordingly + buzz me using my contact form. there will be no need to fill out the giveaway form again, mum will update your entries automatically when you send a message. so without these notes, we will base your additional points (for doing additional tasks) on the number of corresponding sponsors that are actually included in your giveaway post (we will be assuming you have not liked a sponsor’s page or followed that sponsor via gfc or google +1 if these sponsors are not indicated in your giveaway post! for example, i have added the link to PDA + an additional task of liking PDA’s facebook fanpage, if the link to PDA is not in your giveaway post, we will assume that you have not liked their page, either).

one more thing, please be informed that i moderate my comments + inappropriate one-liners or irrelevant comments will not be approved. i hope you leave sensible + relevant comments, especially if you want to vie for the top commenter’s prize. this is to be fair to others who leave all those well-thought-of comments + actually reads the posts 🙂 here are the top 3 commenters as of today (i still have about 80+ comments to browse through + approve, so this is just a partial tally):

  1. Maryjade Anne A. Manzanero Maryjade Anne A. … (74)Top Commentator Award
  2. Contest Lover Contest Lover (41)Top Commentator Award
  3. J Allyssa J Allyssa (18)Top Commentator Award

well, enough said. we have a few more days to go before the giveaway ends. $100 Paypal Cash awaits the grand winner, so please keep those entries coming + tell your friends about it, too!

thanks + have a great wednesday everyone! 🙂




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my orange baby powder

kids, baby powder, Enfant

one of my favorite things is my orange baby powder. i’ve tried a few brands before + so far we like this one best. aside from having anti-rash qualities, it is also made up of pure + natural sterilized talcum powder that is just great for my delicate skin.

i simply love it when mum put this on me after i take a bath or during diaper change or during playtime when i get all sweaty and smelly, see i perspire a lot + needed frequent application of powder especially on my back to prevent sweat + keep my back dry 😀 it keeps me fresh + it also has this delicate, gentle smell that i love.

it comes in this cute orange/white container + i love playing with it, too, whenever i get the chance.

what is your orange share this tuesday?



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the colorful world of pocoyo

pocoyo, early learning

mum + i (for lack of better things to do) recently visited pocoyo’s world (as we have been stuck at home for days on end recently) back + look what we’ve found, some interesting + fun colorful learning stuffs for children. this is all about the different numbers + colorful ways on how to learn them.

pocoyo, early learningin this picture, we need to choose which photo matches number 8 + mum said the correct answer is the one on the right since there are 8 snails on that picture

Pocoyo, early learninghere’s another one! this time pocoyo will ask you to trace the number that is written on the screen, in this case the number 3. this is a good + fun way for little children to learn about numbers + how to write them, too.

although, these a bit way too advanced for me, it did not stop me from enjoying this educational tutorial as pocoyo made sure it was a fun learning experience. maybe if i am a bit older, i will ask mum to solve these puzzles again that way i’d learn about numbers + counting much easily 😉

you can check out pocoyo world for more fun + learning exercises.

sharing this colorful stuffs through:


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kids in doodles: jared + the computer

kids, play, computers

today i will tell you a bit about one of my favorite things – our computer. i don’t watch in the tellie that often, but i get to watch my favorite pocoyo episodes or favorite videos and movies through the computer (i guess it actually helps that the pc is located in my room, so i get to use it very often).

mum is also using the computer a lot, especially when she’s checking her facebook account or updating our blogs (of course this blog included, i ask her to update it for me, since i am still quite a tad smaller to update it on my own) or joining online games and giveaway and whatever else she has to do online.

computer, kids, play

sometimes i can get so naughty and bug her while she’s working, most often i’d be sitting right next to the cpu, pushing buttons here + there (yes, i have accidentally + sometimes deliberately pushed the power button a number of times, too!) or twiddling with the keyboard + pressing on the sleep button much to my mum’s amusement/exasperation/surprise!

sometimes, i get some scolding but more often that not, i get away with it! my mum would either end up turning the pc or turning it back on again + let me watch my favorite film, which happens to be cars + the incredibles at the moment 😉

got any kids-in-doodles stories you’d like to share today? 😉

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the itsy bitsy spider video

we were bored + mum was searching in youtube for nursery rhymes last week. she stumbled upon this cute + colorful video of itsy, bitsy spider. this is actually one of the very first nursery rhymes that my mum would sing to me during playtime + i love this song! especially when mum would pretend her fingers were the spider + would tickle my legs pretending they were the water spout. i would usually erupt into peals of laughter for being tickled.

even now that i am a bit older, this nursery rhyme has never lost its touch. in a few weeks time, maybe i can learn the actions to go with the song.

happy weekend everyone 😉




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